Anne Curtis + Erwan Heussaff Had One WILD Wedding Reception

They had some trouble keeping it Rated PG.
PHOTO: instagram/annecurtisupdates

Over the weekend, everyone was tuned in for updates on the wedding of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff in Queenstown, New Zealand—from their pre-wedding welcome party down to the rustic reception at the Walter Peak High Country Farm.

When there's overflowing booze and a room filled with people who love each other, there can only be an insane amount of Instagram-worthy party shots. And thanks to the power of social media, here's a peek at some of our favorite dance floor moments at #TheWanforAnne.

How about this steamy dance number from the groom? Here's Mrs. Heusaff getting a special lap dance and striptease (!!!) from her new hubby:

During the ceremonial garter toss, host Marc Nelson gave something exxxtra to model-actress CJ Jaravata. (Side note: That look on Yael Yuzon's face is all of us.)

And when there's an available mic, we sure can't miss Anne channeling her inner concert queen. Here's the bride giving Erwan some "I Love Rock And Roll":

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But the groom couldn't let the moment pass without him jamming with his wife to "No Digitty":

Which leads us to a really cute mic power struggle between the two newlyweds! Here's Erwan winning the Blackstreet song number against his new wifey:

The power of "Despacito" took over Nico Bolzico:

And even pregnant Isabelle Daza:

Here's how true friends look out for each other: "Belle, 'yung anak mo!"

The bromance was real when Nico and Erwan had a dance-off to "Bailando":

And when it was closing time, we only expected to hear Anne sing the last note:

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