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In Numbers: How Heavy Can Hidilyn Diaz Really Lift?

Her final and massive 127 kg lift sealed her victory!
How Heavy Can Hidilyn Diaz Lift?

It took Hidilyn Diaz one powerful lift in Tokyo to carry a nation of 109 million people to its first Olympic gold after nearly a century of waiting.

Hidilyn also set a world record with her final 127-kilogram lift as she made history. After years of sacrifice, training, and exile, Filipinos finally heard for the first time ever, its national anthem play in the Olympics.

Here's a look at the numbers that defined Hidilyn's journey to Philippine sporting history:

224 kilograms

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She lifted a combined total of 224 kg in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, heavier than the typical 200-kg weight of the heart of the world's largest mammal—the blue whale, and half as heavy as a grand piano which usually weighs 450 kg.

The triumphant Hidilyn lifted 97 kg in the snatch and 127 kg in the clean and jerk to earn a combined total of 224 kg, placing her above silver medallist Liao Qiuyun of China (221 kg) and bronze medallist Zulfiya Chinshanlo of Kazakhstan (213 kg).

127 kilograms

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Hidilyn's final and massive 127-kg lift—which sealed her victory—was a first for the Olympian who later told reporters that she had never done it prior to the Tokyo Games. 

Lifting 127 kg is like carrying an adult, male Giant Panda, which usually weighs up to 150 kg.

4 feet 11 inches

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Hidilyn's height is listed as 4'11 feet on the Tokyo 2020 website. How tall is she? She's about three-fourths the height of basketball icon Michael Jordan, who stands at 6'4 feet.

97 years

Presidential Photo

Hidilyn's victory ended the Philippines' 97-year drought for a gold medal which was as long as the lifetime of retired Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile who was born in 1924—the year the Philippines' started sending athletes to the Olympics in Paris.

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Since the Philippines' first Olympic appearance, the country has seen 15 presidents rise to power, a dictatorship, and the restoration of democracy.

30 years old

hidilyn diaz

The renowned weightlifter reached her goal of a gold medal 13 years since she started her competitive weightlifting career in the 2008 Summer Olympics when she was just 17 years old.

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Will she try her luck in another Olympic win three years from now? By then, she would be 33 years old.

"Kung ang lakas ko nandoon, tuloy-tuloy," Hidilynsaid.