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Miss Universe 2017: Top 5 Q&A Transcript


Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa was declared Miss Universe 2017! For the Top 5's question and answer portion, Demi-Leigh was asked: "Women make up 49 percent of the global workforce. What do you believe is the most important issue facing women in the workplace today, and why?"

And her winning answer was:

"In some cases, women get paid 75 percent of what men earn for doing the same job, working the same hours. And I do not believe that that is right. I think we should have equal work for equal pay for women all over the world. Thank you."

As for the rest of the Top 5, read the full Q&A transcripts below:

  1. VENEZUELA: Keysi Sayago
    Question: Social media has become a prominent factor in the way we perceive one another. Do you believe social media has had a positive or negative effect on the way we judge beauty?
    Answer: "Social media [is] what me make of [it]. We must use social media in a positive way and take away any criticisms. Behind every photo, every social media account, there is a good person, a human who can feel. And we all deserve respect."
  2. THAILAND: Maria Poonlertlarp
    Question: What do you think has been the most important social movement of your generation, and why?
    Answer: "I think the most important social movement, so far, is that we're having an aging population. So the most important movement in our time is definitely the youth. So the youth is the future. The youth is something we have to invest in because they are the ones who are going to look after the Earth that we live in."
  3. JAMAICA: Davina Bennett
    Question: Sexual harassment has been at the forefront of recent headlines. Why is it important for men and women to work together in tackling this issue?
    Answer: "Sexual harassment is a form of abuse and no abuse should be tolerated whether in the workplace or in society. I believe that men and women should come together and be professional, leave this act alone, and anything that happens, such as sexual harassment, should be taken into the law and should be dealt with. Thank you."
  4. COLOMBIA: Laura Gonzalez
    Question: Terrorism is one of the main threats facing our world today. As Miss Universe you will lead discussions on current issues with communities all over the globe. How would you go about explaining terrorism?
    Answer: "I have never been a victim or [have had] a family member [be] a victim of terrorism. I cannot really explain how it feels to be one of them. But if I had the opportunity to speak to a child, I would tell them that, 'Please, your generation and my generation, we cannot be full of weapons. Please, more books, more culture, more friendships, and more love.' Thank you."

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