NU Courtside Reporter: Tricia Robredo

Q&A with NU's Tricia Robredo

Age: 19
School: Ateneo de Manila University, reporting for National University
Year & Course: 4th Year, BS Health Sciences
1. Why did you choose to become a courtside reporter?
"Being a courtside reporter has been one of my crazy high school dreams. But it was something I never thought of pursuing until a few months ago. I gave it a go when I realized I wanted to try something different and learn new things."

2. What's the best part about your job?
"There are a lot of perks, so it’s actually hard to choose one. But I really love everything that happens off-cam like the preparation and the evaluation with the ABS-CBN mentors and the weekly visits to NU for team practices. I learn a lot just by being with them.  Moments on-cam and the things that go with the TV appearances are just bonuses for me.  "

3. What's the most challenging part about your job?
"Again, there are several. One probably is staying focused and composed, on- and off-court. I easily get affected with the comments and the reviews I see online. I welcome constructive criticism and I actually appreciate it because it’s what helps me improve. But sometimes the comments are not even about my performance. Direct hits talaga. But with the help of the other girls and my mentors, I’m slowly trying to learn how to ignore those things.

"Another challenge probably is trying to stay neutral just as a journalist should be. It’s hard for me not to show too much emotion after a loss or a win. I’ve grown to love the Bulldogs [despite being from AdMU], so whatever happens to the team affects me as well. "

4. How do you balance your duties as a courtside reporter and a student?
"I really try to budget my time and follow the schedule I set for myself. I also compartmentalize my responsibilities: work is work, school is school. Whenever I’m in practice and [reporting during the] games, I really focus on basketball. Whenever I’m in class, I try to forget about the reports I have to prepare and just focus on being a student. It’s tough but it’s also manageable."

5. Any UAAP crushes?
"I remember having a huge crush on Kirk Long. As in I really followed his college basketball career. Admitting this is quite embarrassing actually, considering that he’s currently part of the ABS-CBN Sports team!" [Laughs]

6. What advice can you give to students who want to be courtside reporters in the future?
"Go lang nang go and believe that you can! Before I submitted my application, I had so much hesitation because I felt like I didn’t stand a chance. But I took the risk and gave it a try, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my college life.

"Another advice is to be yourself! When you audition, don’t try to sound like former courtside reporter A. Don’t try to act like former courtside reporter B, either. I’m sure the future panel will be looking for different and fresh personalities. Have confidence in yourself and your capabilities."

7. Describe your personal everyday/campus style. What tips can you give to freshmen on how to dress for school?
"I’m actually very lazy when it comes to dressing up for school. Plain shirts and one-piece dresses have been my best friends for the past couple of years: plain shirts because I can wear them with jeans, skirts, and shorts; dresses because they’re very easy to wear. "

8. Name one thing every college student should invest in.
"A laptop or a tablet. I keep a copy of most of my files in my laptop and it’ s so convenient to have them with me everywhere I go. Whenever I need to write a paper or do research, I can work on it easily. Most of my college schoolbooks are also in my laptop (e-copies) so I don’t have to buy hard copies anymore."

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