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Two People Engaged In A Screaming Match At A Popeyes Drive-Thru

There were a lot of feelings.
PHOTO: Moment Editorial/Getty Images

A woman waiting in the drive-thru at a Popeyes fast food restaurant in Temecula, California, captured video of a brawl that erupted on November 9, 2019. 

Gigi M Drummond, who said she was waiting in line with her children, shared footage of the incident on YouTube. She said the incident began when the man two cars ahead of her, who was with a woman, handed his order back to an employee at the window.

“As he handed the bag back to the drive-thru worker, the woman in the car behind him laid on her horn really loudly. This appeared to have set him off. He flung his car door open so forcefully that we thought he would break it,” Gigi said.

“He immediately began yelling and the woman who blew the horn got out and started yelling right back at him,” Gigi said. “Her husband got out and began telling her to get back in the car. The young man continued screaming and raging at her.”


Gigi said the situation escalated from there. She said police subsequently arrived and questioned all four people, but none were arrested as they all left the premises in their own vehicles.

“[The] best part (in addition to getting front row seats at the Saturday night fights) is that our food was free, and yes, my son really liked the sandwich,” Gigi told Storyful.


Credit: Dakota Flournoy, Gigi M Drummond via Storyful

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