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Mayor Vico Sotto Stops The Operations Of An Illegal Chinese Restaurant In Pasig

The Pasig Mayor sets another example for the LGUs.

Mayor Vico Sotto orders on Sunday, February 23 the closure of a Chinese Restaurant that operated without the necessary permits from the Pasig City government. The restaurant was called Fu Yuan Ji as seen in the photos posted by the young Mayor on Facebook and Twitter. 

"If you want to do business in our city, you follow our laws," Mayor Vico said in his posts.  

He also expressed in the same post his joy in hearing about the termination of immigration officers who were found to be involved in allowing Chinese workers to enter the country illegally. 

To support the efforts to catch illegal immigrants who work and establish businesses without the proper documentation, he added, "To the Bureau of Immigration, just let us know how the LGU of Pasig can help in catching and deporting these illegal workers and businessmen."

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Mayor Sotto has been shutting down several establishments that violated laws and regulations ever since his election in June 2019. 

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