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You Can Soon Enjoy Flexible Working Hours Thanks To A New Bill Approved By The Senate

Senate Bill No. 1571 lets you work fewer days with longer hours.

Everyone knows that Manila’s traffic situation is bad, especially people who spend hours in traffic getting to and from work. A lot is lost during these hours: precious time for yourself and your family.

Soon, you’ll have more time for things that matter as the Senate approved a bill on May 17 that allows flexible working hours. Senate Bill No. 1571, or “The Alternative Working Arrangement” bill was filed by Senator Joel Villanueva, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Labor.

The proposed law allows employees to have flexible work hours. Employees can opt out of rendering eight hours of work per day for five days a week. Employees and their employers can work on a “mutually agreed voluntary work arrangement” that gives employees the option to work longer hours for fewer days.

Senator Villanueva said, “In a compressed work week arrangement, the employee may opt to reduce the number of days dedicated to work, provided that the worker maintains the minimum hours required.”

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The senator said that the alternative working arrangement is voluntary and that employees still need to render 48 hours of work per week. He added that there will be no changes to the benefits an employee receives, such as overtime pay and night shift differential.

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The bill aims to promote work-life balance, employee efficiency, and to reduce an employee’s transportation costs, and the employers’ operating costs.

The House of Representatives approved the bill and all it needs is President Rodrigo Duterte's signature for it to become a law.

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