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10 Struggles Smart Girls Face When Dating

Did he just say stuffs? IT'S OVER.

1. Getting a date in the first place. When you were a teen, you were always too busy studying to go out on ~*gimiks*~; now that you’re in the working world, you care more about turning in excellent output than actively searching for love. The result: Your peers are all happily coupled up, while you’re in a long-term relationship with your career. #TrueLove

2. Thinking you’re entitled to have high standards when dating. Because you’re such a shining beacon of intelligence, you get picky about men you’d date. Surely you deserve someone who holds a master’s degree, has a high-paying job, has a great personality, and who will love your cats as much as you do? Congrats, you just scratched off the majority of single men in Metro Manila!

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3. Fearing that you’ve got no game. You fear you’ve got no flirting skillz to speak of, so dates can become a source of anxiety for you. Is your date night outfit even okay, or do you look like a man-repelling manang? You don’t know; you haven’t picked up a fashion magazine in a decade.

4. Finding some common ground for conversation’s sake. The last novel you read or indie film you watched? Sorry, he’s never heard of them. But he can tell you all about the basketball game that was on TV the other day, in case you’re interested! *cricket sounds* 

5. Cringing when your date slaughters the English language. Wait, did he just say "stuffs?" No matter how hard you try to forget it, the word "stuffs" will echo in your head for days to come, like a nagging nightmare you can’t seem to shake off—only it’s real. STUFFS. STUFFS. STUFFFFSSSS.

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6. Having to laugh at a joke you don’t find funny. HA HA HA HA HA. (Ugh, get me out of here.) 

7. Not making him laugh when it’s your turn to make a joke. Boy, that joke flew right past his head. Maybe you should tone the sarcasm down a few notches? 

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8. Trying—and failing—to dumb yourself down. You’re considerate; you veer away from big words or technical speak when sharing your thoughts. When you’re drawn into a discussion on a topic you’re passionate about, you resist the urge to get in a debate. But sometimes, you can’t help yourself, and you go off on a monologue on the relative merits of realism and impressionism in art and…OH SHIT, HIS EYES ARE STARTING TO GLAZE OVER.

9. Finding out later on that the guy you dated found you “too smart” or “too intimidating.” Sorry naman, kuya. Maybe YOU’RE the one who’s too dumb for me!

10. After a string of disastrous dates (or no dates at all), wanting to give up on dating COMPLETELY. That’s it; you’re going to die alone in a house filled with cats. (And books, of course.)

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