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10 Things Only Perpetual Third Wheels Will Understand

Like how to deal with baby talk.

1. Not being sure what to do when your couple friends get way too comfortable. Cool, just make out like I don't exist. 

2. Still not knowing what to do when your couple friends start fighting. One second ago they were *this* close to making out in public. WTF happened?! People are starting to stare at us. Can I disappear right now? Hassle.

3. Having to endure constant “I know someone who’s perfect for you!” and “Why are you still single?” comments. Eh ganun e.

4. Dealing with inside jokes. Do I even want to know why they always start giggling whenever I say "sandwich?" Probably not.

5. Having to walk in front or behind your couple friends. BECAUSE SIDEWALKS WERE ONLY MADE FOR TWO PEOPLE, NOT THREE.

6. Constantly wishing that your best friend’s boyfriend will introduce you to his gwapo friends. Please. Please. Please. I've been crushing on Carlo since freshman year...high school.

7. Enduring awkward car rides while sitting alone in the backseat. Let me pretend like I don’t see them holding hands. *earphones in* I will pretend to be asleep.

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8. Trying your very best to hide your selosa self because you really feel like you’re losing your best friend to a stupid guy. This isn’t cool, Anna. We were friends first! In fact, we’ve been friends since we were five and you didn’t know what to do when you accidentally peed yourself in preschool. Who was the genius who quietly went up to the teacher and told her you had an "accident?" Right, me.

9. You will always take one for the team, even if it means having to sit by yourself in the cinema because there were no more three seats that were next to each other available. You do it because that is what a good friend does. And you love Anna—you always have. Just because she’s super duper mega OA in love with Migs now doesn’t mean you love her any less. Maybe.

10. You know that it isn’t always horrible to be a third wheel. There are perks! Some days, it’s actually fun—like-Anna-and-Migs-pay-for-my-meal-and-movie-ticket-fun. Just kidding. The biggest perk is probably unintentionally learning the dos and don’ts of a relationship because you hang out with couples so much. You learn things like: it’s totally not cool not to reply for five hours because it’s usually the start of a huge and nasty fight. Also, bringing up past mistakes to use against the other makes you a total asshole.

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So you see, being a third wheel isn’t always that bad. Plus, you’re only one person away from a double date! (Migs, if you’re reading this, you better set me up with Carlo.)