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11 Signs He Probably Loves You More Than You Love Him

Don't we all want to be loved more?

1. He's really patient with you, even when you easily snap at him. Nope, he's not going to call you out and start bickering with you 'cos he doesn't want you guys to be in bad terms, and what more over something petty. He's going to either brush what you said aside or tease you in a way that'll put you in a better mood.

2. He calls you every night to wish you a good night and tell you he loves you. You've probably had days when you simply go to bed without telling him "good night" because you're too tired to even make the effort or you just want him to see if he'll actually take the initiative to text you (which he does). You're the last person he thinks of before he sleeps, and it's so natural for him to let you know that.

3. He misses you. When he doesn't see you for a few days and even as soon as he gets home from your date. He can't help wishing you guys didn't have to keep saying bye to each other all the time.


4. Any day spent with you is a beautiful and fun day for him, even when it was a tough day. You might find yourself wishing this or that part of the day didn't happen because it was so stressful, but for him that's not the case. He was stressed too but what matters to him is that he spent that moment with you; therefore it's not a waste to him. It might even be special to him.

5. He makes sure you orgasm every time you guys have sex. Because sex isn't just about him, his pleasure, and what he finds hot. It's about you too and he'll do his best to get you to climax every time.

6. He only has eyes for you whenever you guys go out. This doesn't mean he's in a bubble. He's not in a bubble. He's still alert and still has his proper senses to look at the waiter when the waiter speaks to him. He just doesn't have a wandering eye 'cos there's no need for him to check out other girls. He's not interested in anyone else but you.

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7. He takes the initiative to see you, and even plans some of the dates. He's proactive about your relationship, and that's great 'cos love involves work. You work to keep the flame burning.

8. He supports you and your life decisions. He's the cheerleader you need to keep you striving to reach your goals. And when you're in a confused state he'll be the one to clear the air and set you heading for the right direction. And in life choices he might not agree with, he'll hear you out first and try to understand where you're coming from before saying anything.

9. He makes sacrifices for you. He'll pick you up from work during rush hour or give up some video game time for you or give you the last piece of something you both like to eat. He'll really go the extra mile in spoiling you and never ever ask for anything in return. Goes to show he's doing it out of love.


10. He does his best to make you laugh and smile as much as possible. Even when he might be having a rough day or be upset about something, he'll hide it (in the meantime) and focus on your happiness. And he's so good in making you happy that it almost seems so effortless.

11. He gets excited and kilig. Whether it's a trip you guys are having or just you telling him you love him or just telling him he's handsome, he gets giddy. He also wants to be loved and desired just as much as the next person, and when someone he loves so much shows him any kind of affection, his heart will melt.

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