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11 Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Last

Your connection is undeniable.

1. You know his family and friends. He's introduced you to them as his girlfriend and he's also told you some stories about fun and not-so-fun times with them. It's as if you know them as well as he does, too.

2. You're invited to their parties or celebrations, and he's invited to yours. In the eyes of your friends and family, you guys are inseparable so you're asked to be around during the birthday party of his brother, mom, or lola. Your family also wants you to invite him to your dinners out, and when he's not around they actually look for him, not to mention ask how he is.

3. You don't feel like you have to shave your legs each day before you go on a date with him. Because so what if you have hairy legs? He knows you have hairy legs and he accepts them. He might still prefer hair-free legs, but he's not going to make you feel like your hairy legs are a bad thing (because they're not).

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4. He has some things in your place and vice versa. Like a toothbrush or a pair of sneakers; maybe a towel. You're at that point where you guys stay in for a long time, chill in each other's places, maybe even sleep together, so some essentials are bound to be there.

5. He knows your cycle. This isn't just for sex. If you guys are spending a lot of time together and you're open to him about your period, he's just bound to know or at least have an estimate of when you're PMS-ing, bleeding, and ovulating. 

6. You guys don't have to be so dressed up during dates. There's no need to impress or charm one another by looking really polished. What keeps you both hooked on each other are your personalities, stories, and thoughts. Simple hangouts are really fun, too. 

7. The gifts you give are grander. Maybe they're not exactly as expensive as a car, but for sure they're not cheap, they're a lot more personal, and took effort to do or find. You're done giving cliche gifts like shirts and bags because you guys know each other's interests so much more now.

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8. You know his insecurities and issues. Yup, he has those too and he's not afraid to let you know what they are (the same way you open up to him about yours). It's all good, even inevitable, since you guys trust each other and find comfort in one another.

9. You know how some things affect his body and vice versa. You know that when he eats something that's only a little bit spicy, he'll get the sniffles and start sweating. He knows that you suffer from really, really bad dysmenorrhea on your first day that you can't do anything but lie in bed. These are all part of being together and even growing old together: you guys knowing each other's bodies like your own.

10. You guys can just sleep together, no sex involved. In case you needed to know that your year as boyfriend-girlfriend wasn't just about sex or that he's not just staying with you for the sex, this is it. Besides that, sleeping beside each other feels really, really good. It's a pleasure in itself!

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11. Both of you look ahead. You plan where to travel to next, what kind of people you guys want to be five years from now, your career paths, your ambitions, where you want to live. It may feel awkward at first 'cos you're unsure if you should even mention those things, but given enough time together it feels as easy as planning which restaurant to have dinner in (just with some kilig).

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