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12 Mind Games You Should Stop Playing With Him

"It's okay if you go out with her." Yeah, right!

1. “I can eat anything.”

When you say you’ll eat anything you better be damn prepared to eat anything. Would you really be okay with your guy bringing you out to a bulaluhan? Sure, you can indignantly say “Duh, I eat bulalo!” But let’s be real. Would you eat at a random hole-in-the-wall if you could help it? Just be honest and say what you want to say: “Babe, let’s have sushi again.” It’s okay. We love you and want you to enjoy a meal.

2. “I’m cool with watching any movie!”

Granted, a lot of movies these days are interesting for their premise or their hype instead of just their genre. But people still have their unique taste for movies. Most of the time though there will be a good selection of new movies of varying tones in cinemas (somewhat deliberately arranged by film production companies). And if you’re watching on a laptop your choices are near-inexhaustible. So, again, please don’t say “anything” if what you really mean is “anything with Shailene Woodley.” If you want to prove you’ve got good taste without bias, sit through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy without asking a question or checking your phone.

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3. “Oh, who else is going?”

If you’re going to hide your jealousy when he goes out with the hot abanger girl who keeps asking him out on “friendly” hangouts, you are actually letting him go out with her. Men are simple, direct creatures. Keep that in mind. What you think is a strong enough hint doesn’t even register to us guys. If you don’t say “Nicole again?! Stay away from that flirt, babe,” hell think you’re perfectly fine with him going out for beers with her. It’s not that he wants to make you feel bad. Most guys just don’t really know how to do right by you unless you teach them.

4. “What do you like about me?”

Why do you do this? Why do you have to trap your partner? Does it give you pleasure to see him squirm? Asking this is like asking extra validation from someone who probably consciously chooses you every day—which is to say loves you every day. There are a million of answers that would flatter you, but also a million more that would offend you. Your man is not a mind reader, and he will almost never answer what you, in your heart of hearts, want him to answer. He will only answer what is true to him. Remember he doesn’t necessarily like you the way you like you (which is probably a very good thing). This is the second worst question you could ask to test your man.

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5. “What don’t you like about me?”

THIS is the worst question you could ask. It’s like you’re not comfortable being happy. The only answer that will leave you with no trace of lingering self-doubt is “Nothing,” and it would be a lie.

6. “If you don’t want to do it, it’s okay.”

If you want your partner to do something with you, just straight up say that you want them to do it with you. It’s not like you FORCE your man into going with you to the so-and-so fashion show just by telling him you’d like for him to come (unless you literally force him). Know that EVERYONE wants to be wanted. If ever he’ll go with you, it’s not because he got guilted into it—it’s going to be because it’s YOU who asked and he LOVES you. Just indulge him in an Avengers date if you’re feeling appreciative.

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7. “Is there anything I do that you’d like me to change?”

Please don’t throw a tantrum if we told you it’s about you throwing a tantrum.

8. The Facebook ‘Like’

This is more often applicable to when you’re stalking your crush and you're trying to tell him you like him in the tiniest way possible (i.e., a way that doesn’t actually tell him). But sometimes even in a relationship you’ll find yourself counting likes. Why did he like that girl’s new profile pic but not mine? I liked three of his posts in a row—am I being too clingy? THEY’RE JUST LIKES. Likes are practically like glances now on Facebook—they don’t mean anything. Gone are the days when people REALLY thought hard about the politics of their likes. Anyway, whatever. You’ve got a “love.” (Is that corny? It’s corny.)

9. Cryptic tweets

They are the opposite of Facebook likes. Tweets mean everything, and most people, even guys, will read heavily into their partner’s tiny posts. Twitter is like getting a glimpse into someone’s train of thought but without any context. So it’s easy for a single tweet to be misinterpreted. The thing most people don’t realize is that most of the time a person does not tweet to be read but simply to tweet, and the whole process isn’t really for anyone but herself to release a little pent-up thought. If you’re the tweeter (the twit?), it wouldn’t hurt to give a little context to easily misread tweets if your partner is the paranoid type. If he’s the one tweeting things like “OMG she’s such a bitch,” nothing is stopping you from just asking him about it instead of stewing all day. For all you know he was talking about Skyler White from Breaking Bad.

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10. “I’m fine.”

This is the one sentence that really shows how badly we communicate these days despite things like Facebook and Twitter. By saying this you’re either being passive-aggressive and making those involved feel bad about themselves (including yourself) without even moving towards a solution to the problem in any way. Or you’re trying to “protect” your partner from your feelings. For the former, stop being such a brat. For the latter, you’re withholding something from someone who would WILLINGLY share ALL your pain, do ANYTHING in the world to make you happy, and has risked his own feelings just to be near you. Get it? Whatever you’re protecting him from, he has specifically requested you to open up to him because he doesn’t want to miss out on any part of you. One day, when you’ve realized this, “I’m fine” will stop being a lie and start being true.

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