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12 Reasons Why Dating A Funny Guy Is The Best

He's good with kids!
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1. He can make you laugh anytime. He tickles your funny bone, so you feel lighter and less stressed.

2. He’s entertaining. Everyone loves him—your officemates, your acquaintances, your friends, your family. He’s fun to be with because he has loads of hilarious stories and jokes to tell.

3. There’s never an awkward moment. Your man’s got his game in social situations. He breaks the ice the moment he makes people laugh—and that doesn’t take a while at all.

4. He’s well-informed. He can’t be witty if he doesn’t know sh*t. And there’s really no reason why you should go for an ignorant guy.

5. He knows how to take in different kinds of information. Which implies he’s naturally analytical, smart, and creative. Face it, funny guys are thinkers, too, and they give you the most engaging conversations.

6. He knows when to be serious. The real funny guy knows when something isn’t funny, so he won’t make a joke out of it. Instead, he’ll let you vent to him, and he’ll empathize with whatever you’re feeling. (Also, he’s no asshole.)

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7. He’s comfortable with himself. He’s cool about being the punch line of a funny joke.

8. He’s good with kids. POTENTIAL LIFE PARTNER ALERT!!!

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9. There’s hardly any drama in the relationship. It’s not because he can’t stand it. It’s that the relationship feels like a breeze that problems or issues won’t escalate to that level. You guys actually resolve them right away.

10. He has a sensitive side. It’s been said that the funny guys are sensitive guys when they’re not in the spotlight. While they might not admit it outright, it’s definitely there. You see it when your funny man opens up to you and shares his thoughts and feelings. Those times are really special, because he only spends them with you.

11. You won’t be as uptight anymore. If you’re the serious type, you now know which things to take lightly. You now laugh the petty things off and take yourself less seriously. That’s really healthy!

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12. A guy like him is hard to find. A kind and respectful guy is honestly the bare minimum—it means he’s a decent human being (which is arguably uncommon enough). What more a humorous one who delivers more—more joy and new perspectives? If you’re dating one, congrats! He’s a keeper. <3


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