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12 Signs He Thinks That You're The One

He makes sure you're in his future.
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1. He has a content or dreamy look on his face when he looks at you. It’s adorable, really. It’s as if he’s thinking “Can life get any better than this?” while you guys are on a fancy date or just staying in and wearing PJs.

2. He plans his future with you. There’s nothing like planning your future together. It goes to show that he’s not only making room for you, but he’s also letting you carve and design your path. You mean so much to him that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

3. He’s told you things he’s never told anyone before. He trusts you a whole lot to keep his secrets, and he knows you’re the only one who can understand or laugh at his past (if it’s hilarious).

4. He tries to get close to your family if he isn’t yet. Because your family could just be his, too. He might as well have a good bond with them so you can all be happily together one day.

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5. He invites you to his family gatherings! He’s incorporating you into his family because why not.

6. He wants to share his happiest moments with you. You’re his favorite person. His happy moment multiplies a hundredfold when shared with you. Without you he’ll feel lonely and even empty.

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7. He’ll go out of his way to be there for you. Whether it’s to get you out of trouble or a dangerous situation, or to call you even though he’s busy with work when you have an office problem or you’re just having a bad day, he’ll do it. Your happiness matters to him.

8. He’s randomly affectionate. He tells you he loves you when you’re cleaning your room or changing the channels on the TV. He can’t keep his arms off you even if you’re wearing unflattering or loose clothes. Clearly, he can hardly contain all his love for you!

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9. He shares his thoughts and feelings with you. You’re the person he can talk to about anything and everything, and the only person he can be this intimate with. He knows that no one understands him the way you do.

10. He values your thoughts. You wouldn’t be “The One” if you didn’t have a say or matter to him.

11. He worries about you and checks up on you. He wants you to always be safe, because he doesn’t want to lose you or have you get hurt.

12. He surprises you with something big you’ve always wanted but haven’t gotten for yourself yet. Be it a pet dog or cat, a typewriter, or a good set of art materials. He knows how much it means to you, so he just went ahead and got it for you. After all, nothing makes him happier than seeing the best gift in his life smile.

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12 Ways He Shows You That You're The One