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12 Struggles Of Being A Praning Girlfriend

You have an urge to read through his inbox when he isn't looking.

1. His usual boys’ night out gives you so much anxiety.

It’s not that you want to be bantay-sarado, it’s just that you can’t help but make up horrible scenarios in your head. What if he gets too drunk and won’t be able to drive back home himself? What if a girl walks up to him while he’s drunk and they do things? What if he leaves his phone at the bar? WHAT IF HE DIES.

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2. When you travel together, you secretly pack extra clothes for him in your suitcase.

Because what if, by some awful circumstance, he loses his luggage and you’re only left with yours that is only packed with makeup and girl clothes that will never fit him? Best to be prepared!

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3. You have his parents’ phone numbers—and landline—just in case.

Yeah, he doesn’t need to know this one.

4. When he doesn’t reply to your texts or answers his phone and you know he’s driving home by himself, you panic a little.

Was he in an accident? Did his phone get stolen? Was he with another girl? AHHHH.

5. You’ve had fights about you being too praning and you try your hardest to explain that you really can’t help it.

And it’s not that you don’t trust your boyfriend—it’s everyone else around him!

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6. You always carry medicine in your bag for him.

What if he gets an allergy attack in the middle of your date? At least you’re always prepared!

7. You’re super careful with sex.

You ALWAYS make sure that you use condoms, because you can never be too safe. (And yeah you always pee after doing the deed. UTI is a bitch, y’all.)

8. Sometimes, you have the urge to grab his phone while he isn’t looking (when he's in the bathroom) and read through his inbox.

And you probably have once or twice. And then you had a lengthy discussion after you asked him who Anna From The Office is and why she was asking if you already had lunch last Monday.

9. Whenever your boyfriend acts differently, you automatically assume something’s up.

Break na ba kami? Proposal na ba to? Anong ginawa ko?

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10. You lose sleep when he doesn’t text you that he’s already home.


11. You consistently remind yourself that there is a thin line between being praning and being controlling.

You want your relationship to work because you truly love each other, but you know that if you’re being TOO praning, it can be exhausting for the both of you.

12. Even though your pagka-praning gets annoying (you even annoy yourself sometimes), it HAS definitely saved your asses more than once.

Like that time you had back-up documents of your plane tickets, and your boyfriend realized that he had left them (even though he promised to print them himself!) when you were checking in at the airport.