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14 Breakup Lines That Are Complete B.S.

No, it's not me. It’s definitely you.

1. The line: “I’d like to focus on my studies first.” -Dan, 25

What he really means: "I met another hot chick last night and want to know her better without a jealous gf."

2. The line: “I feel unappreciated. You only remember me when you need my help.” -Aaron, 27

What he really means: "You’re  so user-friendly and you never really loved me from the  start."

3. The line:Hindi na kita mahal.” -BA, 25

What he really means: Girl, yun na yun. Hindi ka na daw niya talaga love!

4. The line: “I tried to stay in this relationship, but I don’t feel the same way anymore.” -Rob, 30

What he really means: "Our relationship has become so boring. We don’t even have sex anymore! Gusto ko na ng bagong girlfriend."

5. The line: “You deserve to be happy.” -Charlie, 31

What he really means: "I’m not happy with you anymore. You’re so negative."

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6. The line: Nasasakal na ako. I need space.” -Jerome, 26

What he really means: "I’m seeing another girl already. Please break up with me so I don’t have to feel guilty."

7. The line: “You’ve become different. You’re not the girl I used to know.” -Joseph, 23

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What he really means: "You’re starting to become a nag. I like a girl who’s fun."

8. The line: “You deserve someone better than me.” -Jerome, 26

What he really means: "Just do the breaking up so I don’t have to feel bad about hurting your feelings."

9. The line: “I’m not good with commitment.” -Christian, 32

What he really means: "I’m not convinced I love you enough to take this relationship to the next level."

10. The line: “I’m not ready for a relationship right now.” -Jet, 29

What he really means: "I made a mistake hooking up with you. Di pala ikaw yung type ko."

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11. The line: Pwede cool-off muna tayo?” -Jay, 25

What he really means: "I don’t have the balls to break up with you, so I’m hoping you’ll take it from here and break up with me."

12. The line: “We’re going different directions.” -Pedro, 24

What he really means: "You’re starting to annoy me with your wedding plans. I don’t want to get married yet!"

13. The line: “I can’t do this anymore.” -Theodore, 25

What he really means: "Baka mahuli mo pa ako cheating on you."

14. The line: “I’m not over *insert name of his ex here* pala.” -James, 27

What he really means: "I just want to have fun first. I don’t have any intentions of taking this relationship seriously."