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15 Reasons Dating A Confident Guy Is The Absolute Best

You don't intimidate him.

1. He can articulate himself well. This is the stuff of good conversation. He's not muttering or slurring, so you're not annoyed from asking him to repeat himself. He speaks clearly and says what he means to say. This also avoids misunderstandings on your end.

2. He's a good listener. He lets other people, like you, do the talking, because he doesn't crave the limelight at all. He doesn't even need it. He's happy to listen to you.

3. He takes responsibility for his actions. Just because he has to. He's not going to blame other people like you for a mistake he knows he caused, since he isn’t threatened by being corrected or being told he still has things to improve.

4. He knows how to apologize. He's not afraid to appear "weak." He says sorry to you when he's wronged you, but that's not all! He also asks how he can make things better.

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5. He doesn't brag; he's not cocky. People brag about things in an attempt to impress their peers. But a confident guy doesn't need their praises. He doesn't care about what everyone thinks of him, so he's not busy trying to please any of them. He knows who matter to him—his family and you—so he'll only value what you guys think and feel. If there's anything he's showing off, it's probably you because he feels lucky to have you.

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6. He's not afraid to be lovey-dovey. A confident guy knows that being affectionate is normal. He doesn't consider it bad or degrading in any way.

7. He initiates. He volunteers in projects or activities, hence being the brave soul that will pull people to follow him.

8. He knows how to deal with people. He's not going to be that guy you bring to your parents and won't say hi until they say hi first, and then be silent beside you like he’s moping. He’s not going to be that guy who snubs or doesn’t look at strangers, and then be mistaken as arrogant. He is the guy who introduces himself to guests at social gatherings, and will engage them in conversation. He’s the guy who will make everyone feel at ease. He’ll win people’s hearts and be remembered.

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9. He trusts you. He will not go apeshit when you go out with your friends, some of whom are guys. He's not worried about being replaced, because he knows you accept his flaws and love him.

10. He conquers his fears. Being confident doesn't mean he isn't afraid of anything. The realistic case is that your guy gets afraid, nervous, and worried. It's just that he psychs himself up and pushes himself forward in spite of what's bothering him. This inner strength, this grace under pressure, is nothing short of heroic and admirable.

11. He asks questions. Because really, what's there to lose? His face? No way. He knows there's more to gain in asking someone and receiving information than pretending he knows everything. (A confident guy has nothing to do with pretense.)

12. He stands up for himself and things he cares about. There's no reason for him not to speak his mind and defend his beliefs, values, and you (if someone insults you), and nothing will stop him.

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13. He can laugh at himself. It's fun to be with a guy who isn't so serious all the time and can take a joke and laugh; no one has to nurse an injured heart over a petty thing. Also, a whacky guy is a funny guy, and who doesn't want some humor?

14. He supports you and is happy for you. Let's be honest. Being happy for someone isn't always easy, especially when things on your end aren't going well, if you're insecure, or if you have low self-esteem. But a confident guy will cheer you on no matter how gushing about your successes makes him uncomfortable, if he feels that way at all.

15. He inspires you to go out of your shell. A confident guy who reaches out to people and opportunities will help you realize that there's so much more out there to know. You'll feel well-equipped with just an open mind to go out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, learn from them, and live.

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