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19 Perks Of Dating A Guy Who Believes In Gender Equality

You can live your life and he'll be by your side cheering you on.

1. You can be girly or tomboyish or in-between when you feel like it. There’s no shame if you feel like being Elle Woods one day then Juno the next. He gets that you’re still you, and being sort of like a chameleon is part of your charm. You won’t hear any complaints from him about how you look!

2. It’s okay that you don’t know how to cook. While it is a life skill, he doesn’t pressure you to know how to cook so you can make him a sandwich or something. You can belong in the kitchen to eat, but not to cook. ;)

3. It’s okay that you’re not good with kids. Because some kids can be pretty rowdy and rough, and you just can’t deal. He gets it.

4. He’s cool about being the one who can cook. Who says it’s a girl thing? If it were, so what?

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5. He’s cool about being the one who’s good with kids. If he likes kids, then he likes kids. You don’t have to be nurturing or playful if you’re really not.

6. You don’t have to have a modelesque bod. Society has its strict standards for women when it comes to looks, and it portrays them to be girlfriends, wives, mothers, or sex objects—it’s as if women have to look good for the men. But for your guy, you can look however you want to look and make decisions for your own body.

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7. He understands that you have to prioritize work above all else especially when it’s crunch time in the office. Because you’re a person who has to work and make a living, period.

8. He isn’t turned off by you when you’re loud and vocal about your opinions. Women get hate when they speak their mind. Sure, they get hate when their beliefs disagree with those of the majority (or loud minority)—who doesn’t? But they get judged and are labeled mataray or suplada or flat out bad for being vocal, since they’re expected to be meek like a lamb. A guy who believes in gender equality sees value in a girl who’s got brains and guts.

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9. He actually engages you with his thoughts. Because why on earth not? A woman is capable of holding her own and of talking about any subject under and beyond the sun.

10. He respects your well-thought-out decisions. Whether it’s about quitting your steady job and starting your own business or going on a diet, he trusts you’ve given big decisions a whole lot of thought. He might not agree with some of your decisions, but he still respects them and you.

11. He’s not afraid to question or point out bad decisions. We all act on impulse or do something at the heat of the moment. A lot of the time we need to be told to calm down and reflect on our thoughts, words, and actions when they were uncalled for. A guy who believes in gender equality will keep you in check and explain why you’re wrong, which you need. He knows you guys can have a logical discussion, that you’re not all emotions.

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12. He lets you put him in place, too. You can tell him when he’s being cocky. You can urge him to be more understanding of other people. And he’ll listen.

13. He helps you carry your things. Some guys carry girls’ things because they believe girls are weak or shouldn’t be carrying things to keep their prim image or something. Other guys don’t carry girls’ things to mock gender equality ("Carry your own stuff. You’re strong like us guys, right?"). But a guy who believes in gender equality helps you carry your things, and has a good reason: Anyone who’s got his/her hands full needs a hand.

14. He respects people of every gender. What’s not to like in this one? He’s a noble, honorable guy!

15. He respects your life decisions. You don’t have to be a housewife if you don’t want to, but if you want to, that’s okay, too. Basically, there’s no pressure from him. As long as you’re happy, helping him carry the weight of life, and not doing bad things to other people, he’s all good.

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16. He lets you treat him. Because you want to and you can! You got the money for it.

17. He supports you and your endeavors. He loves that you keep growing and you’re working your way to be everything you’ve always wanted to be. We all deserve to take control of our lives; he knows this.

18. He acknowledges your merits and that you’re awesome. On days you feel like crap and the world just beats you, AND on days you feel like a winner, he tells you how amazing you are and means it. This shows that he’s not only truthful (yay!) but also takes you and your achievements seriously.

19. He lets you shine. He lets you gush about your successes, and you can see on his face that he’s extremely proud of you. #Keeper

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