3 Reasons Men Find Single Women So Attractive

Cosmo.ph columnist Bianca Valerio got three hot guys to spill what's so hot about single gals. Read on to find out.

The biggest misconception about being single is, well, how it's often associated with being alone. The truth is you are only alone if you choose to see it that way, when in fact, you are independent, free, and as they say, "ready to mingle!"

It's sad that some women are afraid of being single and think that it is something to be ashamed of. You should celebrate and make the most of singlehood! Just to prove our point, we asked three hotties what they think makes single women so desirable. After reading their answers, judge for yourself if it's such a bad thing after all!

1. She's Got Game!

Top model and entrepreneur Peter Norrdell says the appeal is "just the idea that they're available and are open to exploring new stuff with me, without thinking about anybody or anything. Most single women I meet have their 'game for anything' faces on. That's sexy."

Single status validates your desirabililty not just to one man, but to everyone! For as long as your body language shows that you are proud to be single—rather than desperate and willing to accept just about anyone—you are a prize to be coveted by the best man!

2. Single Social Butterfly

Models may be known for their good looks, but take it from international model Nat Kiefer, who prefers a woman with substance: "It's not just physical beauty I find attractive in a single woman, but also the way she handles herself in public and the confidence she shows physically." Even confident, single women have a different body language for men to interpret. He adds, "If she is single and out and about making an effort to socialize, it tells me she is a confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin and knows how to have a good time."

3. Free To Flirt!

We all want the thrill of being in a blossoming relationship but, unfortunately, others prefer to seek their thrills by being the "other" man or woman. Yet "you can approach a single woman without the fear of being a homewrecker...," says successful entrepreneur and Monster Productions' managing director Will Hsu.

Men may think you're exciting if you're willing to cheat on your partner for his sake, but they won't see you as anything more than a good time--a.k.a. a slut--in their eyes. Respectable men have no regard for women who give little value to their relationships by flirting around, as it only gives them insight on what you would be like if they were dating you.

Single women have more chances of really showing what they're about, and men are drawn to confidence and wanting what they don't have (yet)—you!

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