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4 Perks Of Dating A Petite Girl

You're always going to get leftovers.

When it comes to dating, you should never, ever make size and shape an issue. Because it really doesn't matter. Whether she's tall or small, chubby or skinny, remember that they are all equally beautiful.

It's just that each type carries a set of perks you might not readily know. Today, we're going focus on the slender Ariana Grande-types.

If this kind of girl is your type, here are some perks that you probably didn't know about...

1. She's pretty fast.

Need to run after a bus? No worries! Do you guys need to walk from a street to another? Effortless! She can do all these things and you need not worry about her. She doesn't have much to carry around so she can run like the wind.

2. No muscles required.

Are you a puny man? The petite girl is for you. You won't have to spend more time in the gym to be able to carry her in concerts or if she wishes to be lifted from the baha during this rainy season. Again, that means more money to save because you don't need to register on expensive gym memberships.  

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3. You'll be shopping in the kids' section.

And most of the time they're exactly the same style as their grown up counterpart, just infinitely cheaper.

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4. She's probably good in bed, according to science.

According to one study, women with a waistline that doesn't bulge out are less likely to have performance issues in the bedroom. Fat in the belly are linked to health problems, with bedroom issues becoming a potentially negative by-product.

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