5 Date Ideas All Athletic Couples Should Try

These fun activities will get your hearts pumping.

1. Be ninjas for a day.

Climb over walls, jump through hoops, and conquer obstacles together at the Ninja Academy.

Place to check out: Ninja Academy PH

2. Go rock climbing.

Take turns being the climber and the belayer (the person who secures the rope to protect the climber). It's a total body workout—and an exercise in trust, too!

Place to check out: Power Up Climbing

3. Join the circus!

Okay, we don’t mean that literally, but you can see if you’ve got what it takes at Flying Trapeze Philippines. After tossing and turning in the air, you and your guy will definitely be on a high!

Place to check out: Flying Trapeze Philippines

4. Take a hike.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of sweating it out while climbing a mountain—and then reaching the summit to see the most amazing view. It will be a shared experience you and your guy will never forget.

5. Try wakeboarding.

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Have you ever wanted to try surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding? Get the best of all three sports by wakeboarding. There are a bunch of cool wake parks around the country where you can spend the day mastering your technique.

Place to check out: Republic 1 Wake Park

For more date ideas for athletic couples, visit CandyMag.com!

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