5 Lines Women Never Want To Hear

According to the boys of FHM Philippines.

A lot of things tick women off. And we certainly don't have enough space in this website to list everything. But here's one relationship hack all guys can use: Watch your language. You can start so by avoiding phrases that can throw off your lady-charming ways—or worse, make you single faster than you can say, "Sorry na, babe."

1. "Tumaba ka ba?"

Many men have crashed and burned when bravely venturing into the taboo topic of talking about a girl’s weight. We suggest that you steer clear of this topic unless you have one hell of a punch line like, “Tumataba ka baUnti-unti ka kasing bumibilogat nagiging mundo ko.” Expert level pick up line here—don’t try this at home. Or just don’t try it at all.

2. "Parang hindi ka naman babae kung umasta."

Now this is where it gets confusing. What does it mean to act like a woman? The world would be super boring if all the women acted the same. Trust us, once you let a woman be herself and be comfortable getting crazy around you, you’ll never expect what fun stuff she could do.

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3. "Taray mo, meron ka ngayon?"

Few things piss a woman off more than reminding her of that time of the month. Common sense tells you not to do it—especially in front of other people. You can bet that even if she didn’t have her period that day, you aren’t getting any after embarrassing her like that.

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4. "Are you still a virgin?"

We’re not really sure why this should matter to you when you’re about to have sex with a hot girl. You shouldn’t be so concerned about being her first any more than being remembered as her best. That way, she'll get hooked on your lovin'.

5. "Mas maganda ka kapag walang makeup!"

You might think, “Di ba compliment yun?” Depende eh. Our lady friends put it this way: You cooked some lasagna, and you knew it was wonderful lasagna. Then some random guy who knows nothing about the pains and struggles you went through to cook that wonderful lasagna suddenly tells you to take off the extra layer of cheese you put—hindi ka ba maaasar? We say, wala na lang basagan ng trip.

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