5 More Signs That He's Cheating On You

Keep your eyes peeled for these warning signs.

Affairs are a tricky thing—they could be happening long before you notice, but you can't actually confirm them until you catch the suspects in the act. In fact, chronic cheaters are so skilled at hiding their trails that they can even juggle multiple affairs without you suspecting a single thing. If your gut-feel is telling you that something is amiss and your beau could be straying, here are some tell-tale signs you can watch for. 

1. His things are off-limits to you. 
He freaks out when you're near any of his personal stuff, especially his gadgets, wallet, or bag. He wouldn't let you borrow his phone even just to check the time; he shuts down his laptop the moment you enter the room; he never lets you get anything from his bag or wallet. He's obsessively protective of his things to the point that you wonder if there's something he doesn't want you to see.

2. He becomes overly sweet and showers you with gifts all of a sudden.
He delivers roses to your office for no reason, takes you out to a fancy dinner "just because," and obliges your every request without batting an eyelash. He showers you with gifts and spoils you with kilig gestures too often. Too good to be true? Maybe. After all, a man with a guilty conscience tends to go over the top to compensate for his mistakes.

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3. He’s more conscious of his appearance.
He used to be okay with occasional exercise, doesn't care much about his clothes, and has no reservations about food. But lately, he's been working out every single day and he's suddenly watching what he eats. He also seems to have gotten a wardrobe overhaul and makes an effort to dress up even when he's just going out for errands. The thing is, he didn't use to dress up–not for you or even for himself.

4. He encourages, even forces you, to go out with your friends more.
He frequently asks if you have any plans with the girls and an affirmative answer makes him all too happy. If you say you're too tired or lazy and just want to stay at home, he nudges you to go out "and enjoy yourself more." He seems to want to get you out of the house more often these days.

5. He stops taking you to social events. 
You used to be his plus one to birthdays, weddings, happy hours, and other social events, but lately, you haven't been getting any invitations. You only find out that he's been out to some party when you see photos of him in your social media feed. And when you ask him about where he’s been, he mumbles some incoherent excuse or just waves it off. You know nothing about his social life as of late, and he’s not intent on sharing it with you either.

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