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5 Physical Signs You're Flirting


Flushed Cheeks

Blushing is an auto-response to the adrenaline rush you get from making a move…and a dead giveaway that you’re into someone.

Tingling Twins 

As you flirt, a flood of the intimacy hormone oxytocin gets your heart pumping, making your breasts swell with blood and become extra-sensitive in the process.

Sweaty Palms

Cozy up to a dude you dig and you’re likely to get palm puddles. Sexually charged interactions trigger the release of the sweat gland--timulating the hormone norepinephrine.

Below-The-Belt Boost

The oxytocin flood doesn’t just affect your breasts; it also causes you to feel a tingly, warming sensation down there.

Weak Knees

Feeling like you’re going to topple over when you chat up a hottie is totally normal. The pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine rushes through your body, making you feel momentarily weak.

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