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6 Legit Reasons For Getting Back With Your Ex

You know you want to.

1. The breakup came out of the blue.
Maybe you were having PMS or just having a hissy fit when you gave your ex hell and broke up with him. Whatever it may be that led you to make such an impulsive decision, it isn’t the real reason why you broke up with him. Face it, you were just being ma-drama.

2. He brings out the awesome in you.
And we don't mean just in bed, mind you. When you find reasons to be a better person every single day because your man inspires you to do so, he's a sure keeper. So, why did you two even break up in the first place?

3. He loves your family.
When you find a guy who genuinely loves your family, do not let him go. And we're not talking about "Yes babe, I'd like to spend the whole day bonding with your family" in the guise of "Do I get lucky tonight after this?" 

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4. He’s a genuinely good guy.
Finding a significant other you can introduce to the parents is like getting an orgasm on a daily basis: RARE. If your ex is someone who is sincere, honest, and an overall great person, do yourself a favor and get him back in your life. Provided that he is not a control freak who dictates what you should wear or who you should hang out with, of course. 

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5. Your parents love him. For real. 
It’s highly impossible for parents to even actually suggest that you get back together with your ex, so they must be on to something if they like your former beau. Listen and consider. 

6. You can live without him, but you choose not to.
Your world doesn't revolve around him, but it sure as hell is a better one when he's around!