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6 Old-Fashioned Things Lola Nidora Taught Us About Love

Definitely outdated, but they still kinda make sense.

The AlDub phenomenon took everyone by storm, but the equally charming/annoying/nakakaloka Lola Nidora—played by Eat Bulaga's Wally Bayola—has made some pretty good points when it comes to love and relationships. Sure, they may be laos views on pag-ibig, but they're still kind of relevant today!

1. Bawal ang easy to get. Giiiirl, learn how to control that kilig! Leave some mystery namanSabi nga ni lola, “Ano ‘to, fan sign lang love na? Text text lang, kayo na?!” 

Our Take: When you love someone, leave something for yourself. You can't make your world revolve around the guy!

2. What’s meant to be will always find a way. Who could even forget the fixed marriage between Yaya Dub and Frankie Arinoli? How about that time when Duhrizz, Lola Nidora's apo, kidnapped Yaya Dub? The plywood? The long table? It’s always Aldub against the world. But guess who ended up having their first date in the end? Sometimes we just have to believe and let destiny work its magic.

Our TakeSome things are beyond our control, but there is a tamang panahon for everything. 

3. You have to work hard for it. From having to run from Broadway Centrum to EDSA in 20 minutes to filling up a swimming pool with only a tabo (LOL!)—Lola Nidora can’t seem to get enough of these crazy challenges just so Alden can prove that his intentions for Yaya Dub are pure. But hey, we’re not complaining! Dapat naman kasi talaga, lahat pinaghihirapan. Right, lola?  

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Our Take: Sometimes it helps when you really see how much someone values you. When you witness this, you cherish the other person more. <3

4. Never give up. When things are not going your way, think of why you were even doing it in the first place. It will give you the motivation that you need to continue. The Aldub romance seemed impossible at first, but Lola Nidora finally allowed Alden to court Yaya Dub and visit her at the mansyon! YAAAS.

Our Take: Persistence in a guy is hot. Mas nakaka-in love!

5. Love should be used as an inspiration and not a distraction. Don’t we all hate that one friend whose world suddenly revolves around her man and suddenly forgets about her loved ones? Know what to prioritize. Remember when Yaya Dub had to leave Alden during #AldubMostAwaitedDate, because she had to run home and give Lola Nidora her meds? That's commitment!

Our Take: When you have a boyfriend, make sure he respects your family and your friends! 

6. Learn how to wait for tamang panahon. Because we have to believe Lola Nidora when she said “Walang naiinip sa taong tapat ang hangarin. Walang susuko sa taong totoo ang tibok ng puso. Ang pag-ibig na hinihintay sa tamang panahon ay pag-ibig na magtatagal sa mahabang panahon.” 

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Our Take: ON POINT!



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