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6 Things You Need To Know About Female Masturbation

It'll do you some good when you're old!

1. It's good for you.

Masturbating promotes blood flow throughout your body and releases endorphins (the feel-good brain chemicals). It'll make you feel good, even if you don't orgasm.

2. Masturbating a lot doesn't mean you've spoiled the sex.

Especially when you're doing it (the sex or the masturbation) with someone you got the hots for or someone you love. It's just more fun and more pleasurable that way. 

3. It's not a bad thing if you can't make yourself orgasm.

It's been said that your orgasm depends on you, not on your partner. But what if you can't? Practice, (you can research by watching porn too) and enjoy it. Don't get caught up with making yourself climax, because that'll ruin the fun of exploring and feeling your body.

4. You're not going to orgasm by ramming your fingers in like a penis.

A penis hardly gives women an orgasm, and moving your fingers like one clearly doesn't improve your chances. Fact is, you orgasm in two ways: through your clit, and through your G-spot.

Stroke your clit and the clitoral hood lightly and more firmly to see which you like best. As for the G-spot, you'll find it 2 inches inside your vagina on the topside of the vagina wall; massage that.

5. It can ease postmenopause sex problems.

Changes happen to the body during menopause. One of them is the narrowing of the vagina, which makes sex and vaginal exams quite a bit painful as you age. To keep this from happening, masturbate. You can do it with a water-based lubricant, too, to relieve tissue and moisture problems.

6. The saliva has no place there.

A study done by researchers from the University of Michigan found that women who masturbate by wetting their fingers with saliva increases their risk of developing yeast infections. (Saliva can disrupt the bacteria balance of the vagina.) If you want to make things slippery, use lube.

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