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6 Things Your Single Friend Does Not Want To Hear

Walang basagan ng trip, please!

1. "It's his loss."
It’s the quintessential pampalubag loob phrase. It may be an ego boost, but it can get irritating to hear in the long run. Used too much and it becomes repetitive, making your friend sound like a loser nobody wants.

2. "Are you gay?"

Under no circumstances is it okay to assume your friend is lesbian just because she isn't jumping at the chance to date every single guy you throw her way. Which brings us to: it is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER okay to even use a person's orientation as a means to question his or her singlehood. 

3. "This meme reminded me of you! #Hugot"
Just because your single sister isn't liking your hugot memes doesn't make her a feeling-less bitch who has sworn off men or women forever. Please don't spam or tag an unattached person like crazy just because you feel like a quote seemingly fits her current relationship status.

4. "Are there other old maids in your family?"
HELLOOO, this is not diabetes that you can genetically acquire from your gene pool!


5. "How many years do you have before you can't have kids anymore?"
Telling your 27-year-old friend that her biological clock is a ticking time bomb won’t help her feel better. Besides, not everybody wants to have a kid. There are lots of married couples who are happily childless. Leave your friend's uterus alone!

6. "You're too picky."
What's wrong with being choosy? Nothing. Don't turn your friend into a desperate cow just because you think she has too many qualifications on her list. If you want your bestie to find happiness, you’ll let her find  someone whom she can really connect with. Nevermind that some of the qualities on her list sound unrealistic. Walang basagan ng trip, please!

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