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7 Sure Signs You're Just A Rebound

He just wants a warm body.

1. He still talks about how things were like with his ex. It's fine to talk about the past if you asked him to or if he has a point or moral lesson in his story. But if he's just talking about his former relationship and he either sounds like he longs for those days or is really bitter, he's most likely not over his ex. Which should make you wonder why on earth he's with you. (Take note that he can sound hurt about the breakup if he was cheated onthat's something any person would probably carry for the rest of his life. Pay attention if he's having a hard time getting over the pain of being cheated on or losing his ex.)

2. You guys barely have any emotional connection, and your relationship only has the physical aspect going on. People who're doing the rebounding are most likely NOT emotionally available, because they still feel strongly for their ex. In other words, there's no room for anything serious with anybody at the moment. But that won't stop him from seeking any semblance of physical connection. And if he's with you right after a break up and all you do is have sex, you could be a rebound.

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3. He's not romantic or sweet with you. In relation to #2, if you're just his rebound, he won't be texting you good morning with smiley faces. He won't make huge sacrifices for you; he won't gladly or willingly deal with your shit when you're in a dilemma. It's 'cos he isn't invested in you.

4. He hardly knows your interests, hobbies, and dreams, and you hardly know his. Because you guys aren't intimate with each other; you don't spend time getting to know one another. Sure, you talk about your work or your day, but you don't go in depth about each other's lives. Or he's actually not opening up to you even if you try to be his go-to person.

5. People think you guys are dating too soon. Not that what people think of you is so important or if there is any truth to it. But if your friends tell you that you guys dated too soon after you've just shared with them how distant your guy is or anything of the sort, they're probably telling you what you already know (and might not like to admit).

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6. You're not introduced to his family and friends. Rebound relationships, when nothing develops in it, has an expiration date for sure. The rebounding party is bound to realize (if he doesn't already know) that he's just using you to make himself feel good about the breakup. One day he wouldn't want to keep at it anymore, hence ending things with you. It's also possible that you'll be tired of the lack of emotional investment on his part for you and your relationship, which can lead you to break up with him. Point is, things aren't exactly set between you, so why would he bring you to his family life? His family's bound to be looking for someone for the long haul.

And speaking of knowing for sure that the relationship won't last...

7. He doesn't entertain the chance of a future with you. Why would he? He's not considering you at all (or anybody for that matter). It sucks to hear, but what sucks more is being with that rebounding guy. So don't feel bad about the expiration date.

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