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7 Things About Your Partner's Body You Didn't Know Aroused You

Because big biceps and a six-pack are so cliche.

1. Temperature. Now THIS is what makes hugs and all sorts of physical contact with your partner irresistible. Imagine feeling his warm body right after a cold shower together! Hmmm.

2. Breath. As if the heat of our partner's skin isn't enough! Just think of his breath against your ear when he whispers. Or, his breath when he breathes on your neck. It's  ~*electrifying*~.

3. Voice. We don't get turned on by visuals alone. A deep voice has long been associated with sexiness. We've seen celebrities say the most random things in a sexy voice, which just means they're speaking in a lower register. So check! Your partner’s got that. But more than deepness, there are also those little cracks in his voice which reveal his personality, mood, and feelings.

4. Smell. Other times known as pheromones. His smell will definitely take you to a memory of you guys being REALLY close: lying down in bed together, secretly making out in his parents' house or in a club, dancing at a party, and so on. Research says your partner's smell has a way of lowering your anxiety levels, so that can lead to some sexytime. Some even hypothesize that it’s actually his sweat (when he’s aroused) that does the trick!

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5. Hands. If you're wondering if this has anything to do with penis length, the answer is no. Hairy hands, smooth hands, rough hands, square hands, however kind of hands—they all help us feel safe and loved. Safe, because these hands are almost always moving, hence hinting some ability like building or creating something. These also assist us when we need help—hence the term "helping hand." Loved, because it is the hands that hold and touch us.

6. Legs. Strong-looking legs are proof of a pretty active lifestyle. 'Nuff said.

7. Love handles. So your partner doesn't really have a six-pack and those hunky limb muscles David Beckham has. But you don’t mind that he has love handles and some folds on his body because you love him. In fact, your guy and his love handles can make you so gigil that you just wanna squeeze him! Oh, and in case you haven’t yet heard, guys on the curvy side last longer. ;)

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