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7 Things Couples In Long-Term Relationships Shouldn't Forget To Do

Like go on dates!

1. Go on dates.
Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean you should stop going to the movies or having romantic dinners. In fact, relationship expert and marriage counselor Michele Weiner-Davis says it's important to have regular date nights. It doesn't just "encourage couples, regardless of their feelings, to spend more time and catch up on each other's lives," but it also helps them see "what they were missing."

2. Travel together.

Have kids? Leave them with lolo and lola for a week and go on a second honeymoon. And before you say anything, don't feel guilty about taking time off from being mom and dad either. "The happiest parents are those who are disciplined about integrating their old life with their new life," says relationship expert and psychologist Seth Meyers.

3. Surprise each other.
Don't wait for a special occasion like an anniversary or his birthday to do something special for your guy. See a book he likes? Buy it for him. Passing by his favorite pastry shop? Get him that carrot cake he's always raving about. 

4. Be affectionate. 
Who says couples in long-term relationships shouldn't be touchy-feely with each other anymore? Remember, touch can convey emotions that words can't always eloquently express. For example, a hug can say "I'm sorry I raised my voice when we were fighting in the car," while a kiss can say, "There's no place I'd rather be than here with you." 

5. Be involved. 
Letting your guy do his own thing is important, but so is being interested in what he's got going on in his life. If Saturday night is game night with his barkada, ask him how things went down the next day. If he's excited about a big project at work, get him to tell you all about it. 

6. Thank each other.
Does he drive you to work or fetch you at the office all the time? Don't forget to say thank you. It keeps you from taking him for granted. Got more time? Redbook suggests taking it a step further and creating a list of things he does that you're grateful for. 

7. Try something new together.
Never climbed a mountain before? Plan your first expedition with him! Doing new things together ensures that you don't grow apart.

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