7 Things To Do Before You Get Married

Focus on yourself before saying "I do."

You smell a grand proposal coming soon from your longtime boyfriend, so you’re secretly planning the perfect wedding—from your dream dress, to the table centerpieces, down to your wedding Instagram hashtag! But before you go OTT, stop and think of all the awesome and valuable things you should and could do for yourself, (for a better YOU!) before saying "I do."

Here, 7 things every girl should do before getting hitched:

1. Travel alone (or round up your closest girlfriends for an all-girls’ trip!)
Go on an adventure! Nothing makes you wiser and spiritually richer than seeing the world. Aside from experiencing a different culture, traveling without depending on your parents (or a man) will give you a sense of independence and responsibility that no blog or book can teach you. Just go!

2. Get that post-grad/masters/culinary/law degree you’ve always wanted
Now is the time to go back to school! While some manage to pursue further studies after getting married, most people regret not being able to do so because their priorities change once hitched and while raising kids. Education is the one thing that no one can ever take away from you, so go for it!

3. Get over a major heartache
Accept your new life, and gracefully move on. Surviving a breakup makes a woman stronger, smarter, and more equipped for her next relationship.

4. Learn how to cook one decent dish (and actually master it!)
It can be as simple as meatball spaghetti or chicken adobo. You seriously have got to stop bragging about your inability to fry an egg! While we do not intend to define gender roles here, every Cosmo girl must at least learn how to put some (edible!) food on the table without resorting to Chinese takeout or McDonald’s delivery!

5. Get fit and start a healthy lifestyle
When your momma said that your metabolism starts to slow down by your mid-20s, she wasn't kidding. Sure, indulge in a giant piece of steak and have cheat days from time to time, but also try to be a bit more conscious of your health. Try to develop an active lifestyle. You'll appreciate this especially when you start considering having kids.

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6.Sort out your finances
It's about time you settle that credit card bill that you have been evading for the last five years! And for crying out loud, start paying your mobile phone bill on time. “Sorry I didn’t get to call you back, my line was cut!” should no longer be an acceptable excuse from a mature woman.

7.Have one last major selfish splurge
Have you been coveting that Balenciaga City or those Louboutin pumps for years? Go for it, just this one time, while you’re still not worrying about educational plans and condo rentals! You deserve it!

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