7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Testicles

Guys can have just one testicle!

1. Balls don't drop. They "descend."

Unlike basketballs, testicles probably won't be bouncing back up if they hit the ground. Testicle descent is a healthy and natural process in which a male infant's testicles descend slowly into their respective sacks (scrotum). After six months, if the infant still has a testicle that hasn't descended, surgery must be performed in order to avoid further complications, which could result in the child losing one of his balls.

2. A guy having one testicle is nothing to worry about.

Most men who only have one testicle (due to some unfortunate incident or because they were born with only one) can sexually perform. And don't you worry about not having children; a ball produces enough sperm that can impregnate any healthy woman.

3. Blue balls is a real thing, but it's not dangerous.

There's actually a science behind that unfortunate discomfort. A process called vasogongestion builds up blood in the balls when a guy is sexually stimulated (much like how his penis works) and this causes his testicles to have this feeling of discomfort and heaviness. It's not dangerous or anything.

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4. They contract.

Like all reflex movements, even the balls are equipped with a muscle in charge of immediate contraction (the cremasteric muscle, if you must know) when faced with imminent fear, and/or uncontrollable discomfort.

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5. Steroids can make the balls shrink.

Using steroids produces excess testosterone which in turn affects the testicles that are supposed to be the ones in charge of that department. When a guy takes steroids it's like he's telling his balls that they don’t have a place in his body anymore.

6. If you have a G-spot, he has the R-spot.

The R-spot is the thin skin fold that runs across his testicles' etches from top to bottom. If you stroke this area from time to time while you're getting kinky, you'll give him a sensational, tingly experience.

7. Balls can get lumps inside.

A lump isn't immediately a cause of alarm, since some lumps can be treated with topical medicines. Here are the kinds of lumps the testicles can have:

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Varicocele. Veins are particularly larger and more pronounced. In most cases, the guy doesn't even need treatment and they'll go back to normal…eventually.

Hydrocele. Swelling is caused by copious amounts of fluid around the testicle. In most cases, the fluid goes away on its own in about six months or less, but some serious cases (the ones that give great discomfort to the guy) would require a tube to be surgically implanted to drain the fluid.

Epididymitis. This is caused by a bacterial infection that inflames the back of the testicle that stores and carries the sperm. A guy has to consult a doctor for the right meds if he has this.

Testicular cancer comes very rarely (about 1 out of every 25 lumps is diagnosed as cancerous), and is quite an uncommon cause for lumps.

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