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8 Rules For Dating A Single Mom

Be very, very understanding.

1. Don't bring up her ex.

Because that's none of your business…yet. Wait for her to open up about it but don't pry. She'll probably let you know what happened between them over time. As of the moment, get to know her. Ask her about her favorite food, movies or books—just like you would get to know any other single woman.

2. Wait for the right time.

If she tells you it isn't the right time to meet her child, don't insist. She needs to see that you are dead serious about her. She can't let her child meet a man who will just leave and hurt them, and it isn’t easy to explain such a situation to kids. So give her enough time, and when she trusts you enough for her to introduce her kid, take care of that trust you've built.

3. Be very, very understanding.

If she tells you she's going to see her ex for the sake of their child, believe her that's there nothing more to it than that. If there's respect for the relationship between you and her, she's honor-bound to stay faithful. She loves and respects the right of her child to see their father, and you'll have to do the same

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4. Her kid takes top priority.

When she says no to a date because of her kid, take it with a spoonful of understanding. It's just that her top concern in life is her child. As in any relationship, keep the communication lines open to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Don't play games with her.

She's been hurt before. Don't be the guy who makes her feel that way again. The single mom rarely has time for players, so if you're after one, know that she's leaning more towards an exclusive type of setup.

6. Be a pilar.

Be the ear and shoulder she needs. She's already trying to provide emotional, financial, and social support to her child; don't add to her burden. Be the guy who lightens the load for her.

7. Be nice to her kids.

Even if they don't like you. You are a threat to their mom's time, attention, and love so their dislike (maybe even hatred) is normal. Chances are, the kids not going to be crazy about you right away. In the long run, find ways to make them realize why you're not such a bad guy after all.

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8. Don't assume you're getting some just because she invited you over. 

We hate to break it to you, but it doesn't mean she wants to hook up if she invites you into her home. Maybe she just misses her kid or wants to relieve the expensive yaya. But if she wants to do it, she'll definitely tell you.

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