9 Guys Who Are the Worst Dates Ever

Chivalry is dead if these guys are any indication.

1. The Feeling Gwapo

A man who is feeling gwapo is, sadly, not necessarily gwapo at all. However, he strongly believes that he is God's gift to women. He talks about himself all the time, barely asks anything about you (and if he does, he manages to steer the conversation back to him), and expects you to fall in love with his "glorious" self.

2. The Ex-Con

This is the type of guy who can't help bringing his ex-girlfriend into the conversation within the first 30 minutes of your date, hence, the term ex-con. Before the night is over, you know exactly where they met, fell in love, and made a solemn pact to love each other forever. Between him and his ex, you feel a little like the third wheel at your own date. 

3. The Hostile Projectile

There's nothing more awful than sitting across from a man who treats the waiters like trash. Not only does this show a lack of manners, but also a lack of insight (you never, ever pick a fight with the people who serve you your food). A certified brute, he'll definitely cause more trouble than he's worth.

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4. The Absentee

It's hard to believe that he's been earnestly listening to the story of how you got your nickname, considering he's been glued to his smartphone all evening (he claims it's his work e-mail, but you hear Candy Crush). What's worse is that he didn't even notice that you stopped talking for 15 minutes!

5. The Unfashionably Late

Any guy who texts to say that he is "on the way," "running late," or "stuck in traffic" would need to impress you double-time if he wants to have any hope of a second date. First off, sitting alone at a table meant for two makes you look like you've been stood up (which is another bad date scenario). You're hungry, but all you do is drink water (which the waiter has been so kindly refilling over the past hour) and frankly, you're about to burst (and not just from anger).

6. The No-Show

Even worse than The Unfashionably Late date is The No-Show, who somehow forgets to let you know that he wouldn't be able to make it. When you do realize that there's no sense in waiting for him any longer, you go home with your head bowed in shame. Even though there's nobody around to see it, you feel the sting of rejection all the same.

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7. The Ma-Hands-On

At first, he appears chivalrous. He opens the car door for you, pulls your chair out, and carries your things for you. But you soon realize that he doesn't understand the meaning of personal space. His hands are a little too close for comfort (you barely know each other), and his feet graze your legs far too often. Everything he says is laden with some sort of innuendo, which only makes you want to hurry home, double-lock your door, and take a hot shower.

8. The Wandering Eye

As worst dates go, he's not too bad, save for the fact that he tends to be distracted by all the other women in the immediate vicinity. He may try to hide it, but it's painfully obvious that he's not content with just having one pretty girl on his arm. What a way to make a date feel special!

9. The Just Plain Creepy

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At first glance, there appears to be nothing wrong with him, but as the date progresses, you start getting a sense that something's not right. Alarm bells sound off like crazy inside your head and you can't wait to head home, pull the blankets over your head, and pray that he doesn't have your address.

This story originally appeared on Femalenetwork.com. 

* Minor edits have been made by Cosmo.ph editors

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