9 Guys You'll Meet in College

Are you a college freshman? Get ready to encounter these nine dudes by the time you reach your senior year.

College ain't college without your fair share of friend-zoned guys, bad boys, and crush ng bayans. For all the freshmen out there, we at Cosmo decided to round up the campus cuties you'll no doubt befriend, love—and dump on your way to senior year.

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1. That Boy You Met at a Soiree Years Ago

Whoever said that you'll get a clean slate in college was lying. This guy's last memory of you is probably your awkward high school version, braces and all. As horrifying as that may sound, he might just end up being one of your closest buds in school. After all, he saw you at your worst.

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2. The Superstar Athlete

The thought of meeting your school's pseudo-celeb star player is exciting. And you know what's even more exciting? Waiting for class to start and watching him walk in just as the bell rings. You will most likely bring out your phone and text your friends “OMG CLASSMATE KO SI…” or for the more social media savvy, announce it on Twitter (#hotclassmate).

You will eventually come to the realization that this boy with more than 5,000 Twitter followers is just like any other boy you know. He just so happens to be extremely popular and good at his sport. That’s all. On a side note, don’t let yourself be blinded by that dumb jock stereotype—because not all of them are!

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3. Mr. I Do Everything

It’s that one guy everyone knows around campus. He’s been part of every major project and org while excelling in his academics. He does everything so well and looks so good while at it. Should he win an award, it would have to be, “Ikaw Na.” Because really, who does that? He’s part of a rare breed and any girl would be lucky to catch him—that is, if he lets someone catch him.

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A word of caution: Be careful if you end up being the lucky one he falls for.  Because he has a million commitments, he might end up treating your relationship just like another one.

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4. Crush ng Bayan

He’s modeled in every single campus fashion show and party ever since freshman year. When he walks by, you just have to stare and admire that chiseled jaw line rivalling Henry Cavill's. You’re probably also guilty of Facebook-stalking him so much that when you type the first letter of his name, his account immediately pops up.  


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5. Crush ANG Bayan

Lahat na lang crush niya. There are two types: a) The cute one who finds all the girls hot but stays true to one, and b) The creeper.

Beware of the creeper!  

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6. Mr. Let Me Love You

Who is he? Why am I only seeing him now? What? Who? WHY? The most common scenario is seeing him at the tail end of the semester as he's reporting. You've been classmates for the past four months and yet you only notice him when you're about to graduate.  

Where have you been all my life? Let me love you!

P.S. He can also be that guy you just always seem to run into. Your schedules are magically in sync with each other, as you usually see him in the library or at the caf. But as for his true identity, you’re left clueless.

Moral of the story: Don't wait until it's too late!

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 7. Mr. Good on Paper

He has all the credentials of the perfect guy. If you were to make a list of all his traits, he’d definitely make the cut for the best boyfriend ever. But then again, nobody’s perfect. While he may sound appealing on paper, his personality is the exact opposite. It’s exciting to meet him and sit down with him, but once the conversation starts, you’ll probably do most of the talking. “So…uhm…do you like cheese? My favorite’s gouda!”

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8. Mr. Narnia

Why the title, you may ask? It’s simple: Just like Narnia, his sexuality is buried in the depths of the closet—er, wardrobe. He’s a guy adored by all, but at the end of the day, no one knows if it’s konfeermed or not. They make the best guy pals and the mystery surrounding them just draws you in.

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9. The Resident Bad Boy

He walks through the halls of the campus with so much swag that it makes everyone's heads turn. He's a looker, that's for sure. He's also usually quiet and mysterious—which makes him even more desirable. Give this bad boy a chance; you might be surprised to discover what's really underneath that tough facade.

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