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These Pinay Celebrities Taught Us How To ~*Gracefully*~ Get Over A *Painful* Breakup

They are icons of strength.
Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups
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Breakups will always be painful even for celebrities. What makes celeb breakups harder to get through is that their breakup stories are usually shared in public. It's seldom that their relationships are kept private from the eyes of netizens.

We tend to forget that these stars are still people with feelings to process. Some women in the showbiz industry navigated through painful (sometimes messy) separations from their exes. The "tea" about their relationships is an actual lesson for them and us, spectators. We have to give them extra credit for keeping their cool despite the hurtful experience. Ahead, we rounded up the Pinay celebs who stayed classy after a publicized breakup.

Let's take a look back at how some Filipina celebs got over their painful breakups: 

1. LJ Reyes

First of all, LJ Reyes is now happily married to her US-based partner Philip Evangelista. They tied the knot in New York, where LJ decided to start anew after her messy split with ex-partner Paolo Contis.


After six years of being together and one daughter, Paolo called it quits with LJ—which wasn't a mutual decision, according to her. 

"Hindi siya mutual kasi naniniwala ako na kapag mutual 'yong decision, pareho kayo sumasangayon na hindi na nagwowork 'yong relationship," LJ told in 2021.

The actress emotionally shared that Paolo was the first one to detach himself from their family. LJ threw her pride away and even tried to save their relationship for the sake of her children, Aki and Summer.

"Nagbaba na lang ako ng pride kahit ako yung nasasaktan. Titiisin ko po yun para sa mga bata. Kasi inisip ko, baka kailangan nila ng complete family. Tinanong ko siya, if he wants to take us back. Pero hindi na daw," LJ stated.

Was there a third party involved? LJ indirectly responded to the queries about it and said, "May mga tao who would message me about events, sightings... Pero, I would ask him. Siyempre, laging walang confirmation."

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As allegations of Paolo cheating on LJ spread, the actress decided to pack up and leave the Philippines for good. Cutting all communication and connection to Paolo, LJ together with Aki and Summer, went to New York. She knew that a fresh start and a better life awaited them in their new destination. And she was absolutely right.

Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups
Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups

2. Crisha Uy

Crisha Uy was with Joem Bascon for a solid eight-year relationship until Joem left her. Everyone knew how devastated Crisha was. She even posted a vlog about it, showing how much she has cried over their breakup.

Yet, Crisha had the courage to say that she never regretted a single moment of her life with Joem. "Hindi ko ni-regret 'yung eight years namin kasi mahal ko naman siya," Crisha said in her vlog before breaking into tears.


In a 2021 vlog, Crisha opened up about feeling betrayed after seeing Joem with his new partner. "Nagalit ako kasi bumalik ‘yung feelings ko na I was betrayed all over again. But hindi dahil mahal ko pa siya kung hindi, you know kasi naka-move on na ako ‘e. Ano lang finally, finally na-confirm ko na nagsinungaling talaga siya noon. That I was lied to," she strongly noted.

Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups

Four years after her painful breakup, Crisha is in her self-love era and has never been better. "Ngayon ko lang na-embrace 'yung single life dahil ilang years din ako in a relationship. Marami akong na-discover sa sarili ko na kaya ko palang mag-desisyon mag-isa,” she said in an interview.

3. Bea Alonzo

What should you do when your boyfriend *ghosts* you? Let's take it from Bea Alonzo who was apparently ghosted by her ex-BF, Gerald Anderson.

They had a three-year relationship, and there wasn't an actual breakup. According to Bea, Gerald just stopped all communication with her "Honestly, to my understanding, we did not break up. He just started not talking to me," Bea told the press.

Although Gerald denied third-party allegations, people speculate that he cheated on Bea in 2019. However, it was Bea's friends and family who took their sentiments against Gerald over on social media.

"You are incredibly twisted. A sneaky womanizer... Someday you will get served what you deserve. Karma will catch up on you," Bea's cousin Osang Odango posted.


Bea had the opportunity to share her key takeaways from her controversial split from Gerald. One of which was that, although in the hard way, she has learned not to blame herself for what happened.

And most importantly, she has learned to love and respect herself even more. "Doon talaga siya nagsisimula," she noted in a 2020 interview. Now, she's about to tie the knot with her current beau Dominic Roque.

Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups

4. Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana's breakup story might just be one of the most shocking breakups ever. Carla was in a seven-year relationship with her former husband Tom RodriguezThey were married for almost eight months only, until they announced that they were separating.

In an interview, Carla admitted that she was lied to in their relationship. Although she did not go into specifics about the cause of their split, the actress mentioned that a lot of bad things occurred between the two of them that ultimately led to their separation. 

"But basically, bottomline is… kumbaga, umabot na po sa breaking point, e. Kumbaga, sobra na po, parang ganun. So there was, still, disrespect, lying and all that. There was no change. Hindi po yon first time na nangyari sa amin, kung ano man po yung pinagdaanan namin," Carla told Boy Abunda.

Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups

The only mistake that Carla admitted to was how she gave almost all of her into their relationship. That mistake led her to realize one of the biggest lessons from their split, as well.

"Yung sobra, sobra sa pagbigay, wala na pong natira for myself, self-respect. I should also forgive myself. I should also take care of myself. Yung ganung mga bagay na halos wala na pong natira para sa sarili," Carla remarked.

At present, the ex-couple haven't been publicly in contact. But Carla recently told the press that she has prepared herself when the time comes that their paths will soon cross again. "Nahanap ko na po 'yung aking peace. 'Yung talagang nasara ko na po 'yung chapter na iyon ng aking buhay," she declared.

5. Trina Candaza

This 2023, Trina Candaza has been in quite the spotlight—not because of the man that he previously dated—but because of how well she has brought herself up from her painful past.


ICYDK, Trina was the former girlfriend of Carlo Aquino. Together they have a daughter named Enola MithiIt was towards the end of the year 2021 when their relationship devastatingly fell apart, and Trina's heart was shattered not just for herself but also for her daughter.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, she revealed she even tried to ask Carlo if he still loves her, even after their breakup. However, she was *seenzoned* by the actor, and she took it as his answer already which meant, no.

In December 31, 2021, Trina welcomed the New Year alone with only one mattress in her condo. "Ang laman nung condo namin noon, isang kutson. 'Dun ko ini-spend 'yung New Year Ko [...] hindi kapiling 'yung anak ko."

Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups

Public sympathy grew for the first-time mom as she slowly and steadily picked up her shattered self amid her painful breakup. She stood strong for her daughter. Now she has a business to support her family and all the time in the world to spend and travel with her daughter, Mithi.

6. Jennica Garcia

It's been two years since Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco ended their marriage. Jennica also revealed that the annulment process is in the works. The ex-couple has two children together, Athena Mori and Alexis Severina.

There was no particular reason revealed for why they went their separate ways. Jennica chose to be silent about their split with the goal of moving forward as they were no longer in each other's lives. Moreover, it was Jennica's gesture of respect to Alwyn's parents, whom Jennica still regards as family.

"Dahil natapos man yung marriage namin, hindi naman sila kasama doon... Yun lang din talaga. I don’t think darating yung araw na magiging bukas ako sa isang open interview para pag-usapan kung bakit ito natapos, kung ano ang nangyari," Jennica said in a 2023 interview.


It was tough for her to raise two kids as a single mother yet she endured all the struggles and scored a breakthrough project with ABS-CBN, called Dirty Linen. With her humble and kind outlook on her work, Jennica is out there making a name for herself.

Filipina celebrities who endured painful breakups
jennica garcia with her daughters

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