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Dating Convo: VOLLEYBALL Trivia You Can Exchange With Your Guy

Crushing on a cutie who's into this popular sport? Get to know the game so you can get to know him as you engage in sporty convo.

VolleyballUAAP Season 74 officially begins today, and given all the hype, sports is (and always will be) a great convo starter with any dude. That's why we're bringing you four easy-read primers on some of the most popular sports--so even if you're not a super fan, you can follow a game and a conversation about it.


Check out Basketball 101 before you watch the UAAP men's basketball games, and stay tuned for our primer on swimming (out tomorrow) and football (on Monday). In the meantime, here's what you need to know about volleyball.


The basics:

Players. There are two teams of six players, each team divided into two: the front and back row. The front row has two wing spikers and a center. They're the scorers of the team and main blockers. The back row has the receivers and passers.

Points. It's a point-system game played in a "best of three format" (whoever wins two out of three sets). In the first two sets, you win if you reach 25 points. If it's a tie, the third set is played, and it's won by reaching 15 points. A team can only win with at least a two-point lead.

A team is allowed only three touches to return the ball to the opposing team's side. The team that scores a point gets to serve. Every time a change of serve occurs, all players rotate clockwise.

If you were on a team, this is how you'd score:

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  1. Your team serves the ball, and the other team fails to receive it.
  2. The other team fails to return the ball after a rally.
  3. The other team serves or returns the ball beyond the borders of the playing court.
  4. While blocking, a blocker touches the net.
  5. A receiver touches the ball twice in a single reception.
  6. The receiving team fails to return the ball in three touches.

Why has the game stopped? It's probably a case of:

  • Touching the net – A player touches the net, and the other team gets a point.
  • Stepping – A player, during service, is stepping on the line or is in the playing court before the ball crosses the net. The other team gets a point and service.
  • Rotation violation - A team fails to rotate after a change in service. The other team gets a point.
  • Inside/Outside – The ref (with the help of linesmen) stops to verify if the ball is inside or outside the lines of the playing court.
  • Too many touches – When a receiving team touches the ball more than three times. The other team gets a point.
  • Over reaching – When a blocker reaches over their side of the net. The other team gets a point.
  • Holding – When the ball touches a receiver's palm when attempting a toss. Point is awarded to the other team.

Terms you'll hear him say:

  • "Serve" - First shot of the game. The ball is hit using one hand while it’s in the air. A player must perform the serve outside the court borders.
  • "Dig" – The ability to prevent the ball from touching the ground.
  • "Toss" – A dig meant for the spiker. It results in the ball being set up for a stronger, more controlled shot by a teammate.
  • "Spike" – A swift downward hit toward the opponents’ floor.
  • "Pancake" – The receiving team places a hand on the floor to save the ball from touching it.

Current events to tune into:

The Shakey's V-League is now a staple tournament in the country. It features top collegiate women's teams going up against each other. Now on its eighth season, it's a venue for great competitions, since teams from both the UAAP and the NCAA face each other.

Watch for these Universities in the UAAP:

The Far Eastern University Tamaraws/Lady Tamaraws have an excellent volleyball program. They are constantly at the top of the league for both the men and women's division.

The University of Santo Tomas Tigers/Tigresses follow closely behind FEU as a dominant team in the UAAP. The men's team is the defending champion, and they're now going for a fifth consecutive championship.

The De La Salle University Lady Archers have constantly improved (through V-League), and now challenge UST and FEU at the top. They are the current women's champion in the UAAP.

Cosmo reminder: Watch for our third of four July Online Hunks, Ja Siason--a hot UST volleyball player we'll feature for a whole week beginning July 20!

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