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Excuses You've Probably Told Mom So You Can Travel With Your BF

'It's my friend's surprise birthday party/bachelorette/despedida.'
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One of the best things in life is exploring new places with someone who gives you ~*all the feels*~ but you can’t do that when you have a mom who still insists on getting hourly text updates on where you are. As much as it pains us to have to lie, we gotta do what we gotta do—for love. LOL!

Here are some excuses we’ve all given just to spend some quality time with bae:

“I have an out-of-town group project.”

“In college, the magic words were ‘group project.’ I threw those words around so much, hindi ko alam kung naniwala pa sila. Haha!” —Jesse

“When I was still in school, I was really active in a lot of clubs and orgs. My parents knew that, so it wasn’t hard to come up with an imaginary event or team-building trip or special project that required me to leave Manila for a while. I was just really lucky that they never asked for pictures!”

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“All my friends simply told their parents they had an out-of-town project, but my mom was on another level. She wanted names of who’d be going on the trip! So I really asked my friends if I could use them in a lie just so I could go to the beach with my ex. (Btw, he wasn’t worth all that effort. LOL!)” —Mika

“I have work.”

“Two words: work trip. The only time this ever kinda failed was when my mom caught me off guard and asked for pics! I swear my heart stopped beating for a minute, but I showed her some and I made sure my guy wasn’t anywhere in the background!” —Loisa

“My mom knows I work a lot. I barely even answer the phone. I used to get an ear full from her, but she knows how toxic my work is. So if I have to ~disappear~ for a bit just to relax (with my boyfriend), I usually just say I have a work trip. Sorry, ma!” —Bea

“It’s my friend’s surprise birthday party/bachelorette/despedida.”

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“My favorite is still ‘birthday ni [insert friend].’ My then-boyfriend and I used to go out of town a lot so at some point, I really had to sit down, organize my life, and plan my trips sorta around the same time as my friends’ birthdays! Trust me, I had to be this anal about it—my mom is very close to my barkada. She would have known.” —Patty

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my friends as an excuse to go on a trip with my boyfriend. And I don’t even feel bad ‘cause I know for a fact that they use me, too. But I’m pretty sure my mom can see right through it! Haha! I’m 27, so I think she’s finally realizing she can’t control me anymore.” —Lisa

“My parents don’t know much about my work life so whenever I want to go on a trip with my boyfriend, especially if it’s local lang, I just say it’s my officemate’s despedida. And I pack while they’re asleep so I don’t have to answer 100 questions with details I have to make up.” —Patricia

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“My barkada has a reunion.”

“My high school barkada is still super close so when I tell my parents that we have a reunion, it’s not actually a lie. The part I lie about is the room situation. When we all get together, the couples sleep together (duh), but for my mother’s peace of mind, I just say the girls and the guys split up. Not true at all, of course. I’m not about to pass on hotel sex. Haha!” —Cristine

 “I have a wedding to attend in [insert location].”

“This excuse might not work for everybody, but it really worked for me and my boyfriend. We’re now strategic about the weddings we attend. When we get an invite, we plan a whole trip around it—especially if it’s a destination wedding. You hit two birds with one stone! And my mother never has to know.” —Sam

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