This Flower Girl Married The Ring Bearer 20 Years Later

It was fate!

Imagine walking down the aisle as a flower girl with an adorable ring bearer by your side, only to find out 20 years later that he was destined to be your husband.

This is the love story of Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn. The pair first walked down the aisle together back in 1995 as a ring bearer and a flower girl to another couple. Two decades later, they walked down the aisle together once more, but this time as husband and wife. Aww!

"Everybody loves [our history]—especially my godmother, she takes all the credit," Fussy told ABC News. "It's constantly brought up that we walked down the aisle together again."

Naturally, the ever-romantic netizens picked up on the story and made it go viral. "We never expected having all this popularity, but we're enjoying it," Fussy continued. "We will definitely print out the articles and keep them around. I'll show them to my kids.

Better check your old wedding photos, CGs. Who knows, you may have already met your soulmate, too, back in the day.


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