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Fruits You Can Practice BJs On

Because the juice is worth the squeeze.

Need to brush up on your blow job skills? Here’s an idea: give your vibrators and dildos a rest this summer and experiment with something sweeter and juicier. Yup, we are talking about using mouth-watering fruits to simulate oral sex with your guy.

Think about it: if you’re going to put on a strawberry-flavored condom on your vibrator, you might as well suck on the real thing, right? (We’re talking about the strawberry, BTW.) Not only is it delish, but it’s also cheaper and more convenient. Everything you need can be found in your kitchen!

We rounded up some of our fave fruits that you can practice BJs on. And by the time you actually do it on your man, he won't know what hit him.

Knock yourselves out, CGs!

WARNING: Some of these fruits need to be PEELED and CUT first!