Here's How To Tell You're Probably His Rebound Girl

Girl, panakip butas?

There’s nothing more painful than knowing that your current flame is still thinking about his ex-girlfriend. The worst part of it is when you find out that he's only dating you just to get over his ex. No woman wants to be a rebound girl. As hard as it is to face, here are signs that you may actually be one. 

He’s too eager.
He’s too enthusiastic to go out on dates with you, even though he had just recently gotten out of a relationship.

He’s focused on the physical rather than the emotional
There are a lot of intimate moments between you two, but the moment you open up about your feelings for him, he shuts down.

He doesn’t talk about his future plans with you.
Whenever you raise the topic of a long-term commitment, he shrugs it off or simply ignores it. It could be a sign that he’s only looking for a short-term fix for his broken heart. 

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