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Her Father Didn't Want To Walk Her Down The Aisle So Her Boss Stepped In

Love is love is love.

Did you know that Taiwan is close to legalizing same-sex marriage? Despite this progressive step, much like the Philippines, there are still many citizens who don't support this move and are eager to silence the island's vocal LGBTQ community.

But the CEO of HSBC—John Li—isn't one of them. Jennifer, an HSBC employee, wanted to marry her longtime partner Sam; they've been together for 11 years. Because same-sex marriage in Taiwan isn't legal yet, the event was purely ceremonial. Unfortunately, Jennifer's family refused to attend: "Whenever my father sees Sam, he [pushes] her out and tell[s] her to get lost."

Jennifer has even tried dating men to please her father. Afraid of more discrimination, both Sam and Jennifer were understandably hesitant about telling other people: "Before we came out, we were always afraid…I worried most about work. I was concerned that it would [make] clients [stop] banking with HSBC, so I considered it very carefully [but] realized that some clients were very supportive."

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When Li found out that Jennifer would have to walk down the aisle alone, he offered to step in. And it’s one of the most beautiful acts we’ve seen in a very long time.

Hear more about Jennifer and Sam’s story here:

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Source: SELF

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