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This Japanese Princess Chose Love Over Her Royal Status

'It would be nice to have a warm and comfortable household with Mr. Komuro.'
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[UPDATED: December 1, 2020]

Princess Mako's wedding was supposed to take place in 2018, a year after she and Kei Komuro announced their engagement. But it's been reported that the wedding was pushed because of Kei's mother's financial disputes with her former fiance. The nuptials were then pushed to 2020. 

Crown Prince Akishino (also known as Prince Fumihito) has approved of his daughter's plans to marry her longtime partner but insists that money matters must be resolved beforehand. He said, "In order for many people to be convinced and celebrate (the marriage), I have said it is important for the issue to be dealt with. From my point of view, I think they are not in a situation where many people are convinced and pleased (about their marriage)."

In November 2020, Princess Mako released a statement saying she and Kei are committed to each other, but that their wedding wouldn't push through in 2020. No date has been announced. 

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In May 2017, we all realized that true love does exist when news broke that Japan's Princess Mako was willing to give up her royal title to marry Kei Komuro. Both 25, the two met and got close when they attended Tokyo’s International Christian University. Neither of them acknowledged the news back then, but during a recent press conference in Tokyo, Princess Mako formally made the announcement. 

Japanese law dictates that female members of the Imperial family must give up their status if they decide to marry a commoner: "I was aware since my childhood that I'll leave a royal status once I marry. While I worked to help the emperor and fulfill duties as a royal family member as much as I can, I've been cherishing my own life," Princess Mako said. 

Kei shared that he actually proposed in December 2013, so they've been experiencing kilig waaay before any of us. And it looks like it's going to be a life full of happiness. Princess Mako told reporters, "I was first attracted to his bright smiles that seemed like the sun. It would be nice to have a warm and comfortable household with Mr. Komuro, so that we can make a family full of smiles." To which, Kei said, "[She's been] quietly watching over me like the moon." Poets, I tell you. 

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