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John Estrada Calls Priscilla Meirelles His ‘One And Only Queen’ Amid Marital Problems

'Happy wife, happy life.'
Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada's marital problems
PHOTO: Instagram/johnestrada_

With the many perks of fame, including a high social status and extravagant lifestyle, you’d think celebrities’ lives are a walk in the park. While that could be true in some cases, they still struggle here and there, their love lives included. Case in point: Celeb couple Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada are reportedly experiencing marital problems lately.

The former beauty queen confirmed it herself in an interview with Pep, following rumors that her husband cheated on her after she shared cryptic posts on Instagram.

“I have been going through a rough time in my marriage for a while already for many reasons. And just like with anyone else, it has been tough. I constantly pray for strength and wisdom and hope for better days ahead but the truth is napuno na ako,” she said.

Despite the controversy surrounding their marriage, it seems like John is making it up to his wife, and his latest Instagram upload is proof. Just today, he posted two selfies of them looking all cuddled up—coupled with a sweet caption. "The love of my life, my wife, my one and only Queen." He also added the hashtags #happytogether #jp #naturalbeauty #happywifehappylife.

john estrada priscilla meirelles marital problems
john estrada priscilla meirelles
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The comments section is turned off, so netizens and their friends couldn’t really support John’s romantic gesture. It seems Priscilla was *moved* by it, though, given that she double-tapped the now viral post. We wish you two the best!

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