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Ladies, Do Not Be Like This Girlfriend

She's on a whole new level of clingy.

How far would you go to make sure your man doesn’t stray? Whatever you do, don’t be like this possessive girlfriend.

A 20-year-old woman named Abbie Bartlett had a shirt custom-made for her 24-year-old boyfriend and baby daddy Leon Connolly, which he was to wear during a trip to Ibiza. The shirt had these words written on it: "I love my girlfriend Abbie, I hate the girls in Ibiza, so please stay away from me."

She made her point even clearer by printing out four couple photos of them below the text.


After receiving backlash from netizens, Abbie cleared the air and said it was intended as a joke. Well, pun or not, it was really creepy.

Don't be that girl, CGs. We can't emphasize this enough: TRUST and COMMUNICATION are the keys to a happy and mature relationship.


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