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Maiba Naman: 7 Date Ideas To Try

Bored with your date dos? Skip your usual spots for places and deeds you’ve never tried. You and your honey will enjoy the refreshing agenda.
Candlelit dinner for two, check. Movie date, check. Patron seats to a popular R&B act’s concert, check. What else haven’t you and your man done on a date? Here are seven simple yet super fun moves that will guarantee scrapbook-material bonding time with your guy. Some of them don’t even require you to spend some moolah.
  1. Go to a cafe (or just sit by the Eastwood Mall central park or Greenbelt 5 resto stretch) and people-watch. When a couple passes by you, tell each other what you think their life is like.

  2. Hit the mall, but make it fun for him by splitting up for 30 minutes to see who can buy the other person the best P200 gift.

  3. Offer to house-sit for an out-of-town friend or book one night at a hotel or bed-and-breakfast that’s in a nearby town. The change of venue (and bed) will inspire a fresh nooky vibe.

  4. Head to the closest bar that has pool or darts, or visit an arcade or amusement park and flirtily challenge him to a game.

  5. Target an eating-out spot where you can share small dishes—like tapas or sushi—and eat off each other’s plate, discovering delicious new tastes and textures together.

  6. Call your local spa and schedule a relaxing duo rubdown in a couple’s room. (Tip: Ask if they offer 45-minute express treatments, which are often less pricey.)

  7. Take a tour together at a nearby museum, or try Carlo Celdran’s walking tours (, then sit in the garden or courtyard and share your impressions.
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