11 Problems Smart Guys Go Through

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1. People give you shit when you say something stupid. Can’t smart guys play dumb just for the heck of it? Or just say the stupidest things 'cos their brains are fried from a hard day’s work? No?! Okay. :(

2. Being with dense people makes you cringe and gives you headaches. Gah. LOGIC PLS.

3. You take forever to explain things. Every now and then you have to go back a few points to define terms you don’t think “ordinary people” know. If they do know the terms, they call you out for thinking they know nothing.

4. People can’t believe you’re smart if you’re good-looking. This annoys you because the thought is illogical and stupid.

5. Once they finally accepted you’re smart and good-looking, they joke that you’re bad in bed. Because life’s just got to be fair, right? NOPE.

6. People always rely on you. And you feel like you need to help them because you still want to be known as the smart guy. They’ll spread the word for sure.

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7. You come off as arrogant when you explain things matter-of-factly. But you’re just...telling things as they are.

8. You clash with your bosses. Because you’re really smart and you can articulate your thoughts well, your bosses are going to be intimidated and feel threatened by you. This can cost you either your job or a promotion. Either way, IT SUCKS. Or rather, THEY SUCK.

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9. You always have to keep your cool when people don’t understand you. Because you’d be an ass if you’re smart and mean. You’re smart enough to know you shouldn’t be an ass, and to know not everyone is like you.

10. Sometimes you feel like you have no one to talk to. You want to fanboy about an equation you deeply appreciate, but you have no one to share your feelings to. You don’t know anyone who completely understands you.

11. If you’re a fucking genius, you most likely grew up without friends. Bullies? Nope. You’re a 10-year-old post-grad student. Who’s there to play and horse around with? 

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