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Real Guys And Girls Tell Us What They REALLY Think Of Period Sex

Bloody great or bloody hell?

THIS IS IMPORTANT: What do you do when you’re dying to get down and dirty, but—UGH—you’re on your period? Here, we ask real guys and girls to spill their honest-to-bloody-goodness views on period sex. Share your own thoughts in the comments!

Period sex: yay or nay?

“I don’t particularly like it. Knowing that my girl is on her period is sort of limiting. There are certain... configurations...that aren't quite as…let's use the word “palatable”…when she's surfing the crimson wave.” —John, 31

“I don't really enjoy it. Maybe because it's messy. The only time I would agree to do it is in the shower...and being pressed up against freezing tile is literally a splash of cold water on any amorous intentions.” —Denise, 28

“Personally, I've never done it. I'm kinda grossed out by it and the guys I date don't even bother asking me if I wanna do it. I guess they can tell that I'm not into it or they're not into it either. I'm just as sexually active as the next gal, my sex drive is pretty normal. But I've never been so horny that I needed to have sex while I had my period.” – Amanda, 28

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“I actually enjoy it because of the increased lubrication, although at the same time I worry that he’ll smell something funky during the act. But I find it really hot when a man still wants me even though I'm dripping uterine lining from my vag, like nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. My current boyfriend always wants it. Who am I to keep it from him?” —Anna, 29

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“I don't mind doing it as long as we're both up for it. It all depends how bad we want it, really. I always want to have sex with my girlfriend, period. Pun intended.” —Jimmy, 25

Bloody horror stories

“While I can enjoy sex on my period, what’s never pretty is pulling away afterwards and looking down to see blood smeared all over your crotches.” —Anna

“I've always refused period sex, but this one time, I got tricked into doing it. My sheets were new, and they were white. Needless to say, they were dirty white afterwards. And I had to deal with the laundry situation.” —Hans, 31 

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“It happened to me once during a one-night stand. It was messy and I had to flip the mattress the following day just so my family wouldn't discover the stain.” —Reagan, 30

How to deal when you both want it—but dude’s squeamish

“The guy is usually not up for it, and I respect that. But when I'm extra horny, I offer blowjobs or hand jobs. It gets me off a little.” – KS, 26

“I think a woman would be offended if I refused sex because she has her period. While I would like to do other sensual things instead of sex, the girl gets the right of first refusal.” —Hans

“I would be offended just because of the fact that it takes a lot of guts for women to be sexually aggressive. So when a girl puts herself out there, I don't care if you have to take Viagra, you better find a way to give me what I want.” —Amanda

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The best ways to make “bleeding love”

“Talk about it. If someone doesn't like it, just don't do it and do other stuff instead of actual sex. Or you can use a condom. Or you can do a lot of foreplay and just have quick penetration.” —KS

“Period sex requires a partner who won't think less of you when you don't meet their fantasy requirements 100%, so if you're both open-minded, go for it. It tends to be slippery and reaching orgasm is harder because you're so lubed up, so find a position that you know is tighter for the both of you.” —Denise

“Showering together so she can wash out some of the blood then ending up in bed works for me.”  —Jimmy

“Lay a towel or something you wouldn't mind getting stained down on the bed. Afterwards, take a shower together.” —Anna

“I could consider period sex, but it will have to be on specific terms, meaning we'll only do it in the shower where we can wash up before, after, and during.” – Reagan

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Aaaaand we just had to ask the guys: Would you go down on someone who was on her period?

“No. Simply for hygiene reasons.” —Jimmy

“Dude… What's wrong with you? Seriously, no. That's just way too unhealthy and unsanitary. —Reagan

“Aside from the simple fact that it's pretty unhygienic, I don't like the idea of lifting my head and revealing I suddenly have menstrual clown make-up.” —John

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