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Revenge Stories From People After Finding Out They Were Being Cheated On

'I flushed his phone down the toilet and broke up with him right then and there.'

“I was borrowing my boyfriend’s phone to make a call to my mom late one night when his ex suddenly messaged. I couldn’t help but read it because it was right there staring me in the face. Good thing I did, because she was thanking him for the other night—complete with heart-eyed emojis. I flushed his phone down the toilet and broke up with him right then and there. The bastard hired a plumber the next day to unclog his toilet and retrieve his phone.” – Arya, 27

“My girl has this habit of taking sweet photos with men she claims are just her friends. I see them all over social media and wondered if there was more to it. When one of her friends got mad at her for ditching her for a guy at a club, she confessed to me that my girl had been secretly locking lips with these dudes when I wasn’t around. It’s okay, me and her pissed of friend hooked up and gave her a taste of her own medicine.” – Marcus, 25

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“My (ex) best friend has always been very competitive when it comes to men. Whenever I told her that I had a crush on a certain guy, she’d always find the opportunity to flirt with him and piss me off. I decided to stop sharing my feelings with her, but when I finally found a boyfriend I truly loved, she did the worst thing ever. One night at a party, she got my man so wasted that they ended up having sex in the bathroom while I was busy preparing them some drinks. She wasn’t aware that I had seen them and when she passed out herself, I took a razor to her eyebrows and shaved them off. Now, she kind of looks like a human dick, which BTW, she really is.” – China, 28

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“This guy I was casually dating posted really embarrassing photo of us making out without my permission. I was a bit annoyed, but not totally mad. So to get revenge, I took a photo of his pasty-white butt while he was sleeping and uploaded it on Facebook and Instagram for the whole world to see. His mom wasn't too happy about it.” – Therese, 22

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“This guy at work has always had a thing for my girlfriend. I could tell because he’d constantly find ways to flirt and talk to her. And sometimes I even see him giving her nasty manyak looks when she walks down the hall. He has a girlfriend, but brags to all the guys at work that he’s a player of sorts. To get back at him, I waited for the opportune moment. He left his Facebook account open one day and when no one was in sight, I scrolled through his messages, took screenshots of sexy conversations he had been having with random girls, and sent them to his girlfriend using his account. It might sound immature, but the asshole had it coming.” – Jake, 30

“My sister slept with my husband during a family vacation. My simple revenge: a slap to her face and he got a kick to his balls! Just so you know, we are now separated and my sister is banned from my home. To me, they are both good as dead.” – Tessa, 32

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“I once walked in on my ex-boyfriend having sex with some random girl he met in his apartment complex. I immediately stormed out and he chased me to the elevator of our building. He was apologizing and I wasn’t having it. I broke up with him right after that and didn’t do anything drastic like sleep with someone in order to get revenge. I think the best way to get back at someone who has cheated on you is to not stoop down to their level. That way, you come out on top and with your dignity intact.” – Reese, 26